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The Renaissance 1st year

What does Renaissance mean ? Rebirth
What does humanism mean? A change of mindset from focus on god to focusing on human knowledge
Whats a patron? A patron is a wealthy person who hired an artist to produce them art work
Who spent loads of money to beutify churches and cathedrals Julius 2
What does fresco mean? fresh
what does sfumato mean ? smoky
Whats perspective mean in a painting? perspective in a painting is adding depth and distance to a painting
whats an anatomy ? the study of the structure of the human body
whats the moveable type printing press? a method of printing books by placing metal letters into a frame to form words than coating them with ink
whats a vernacular language? the language spoken by the native people of a country .
Whats the inquisition? a church court
Whats heresy? Going against the teachings of the church knowingly.
Give me 5 reasons on why the renaissance started in Italy. and explain in ur own words. -The ruins of the Roman Empire -The fall of constantinople in 1453 -wealth from trade -new ideas from trade -competition between italian city states
Name 1 Artist from the renaissance and 2 piecies of work they did Leonardo Da vinci and the mona lisa , last supper
When was Leonardo Da vinci born? 1452
When did Leonardo Da vinci die? 1519
Name 1 of Micheal angelos famous sculptures David
when was Michealangelo born 1475
What famous ceiling did michealangelo paint? Sistine Chapel
Who is Johannes Gutenburg? He is a german goldsmith
Who invented the movable type printing press Johannes Gutenburg
Who is William shakespeare? He is considered one of the greatest writers ever in the english language.
Who began to investigate the anatomy? Andreas Vesalius
Who discovered that the heart pumped blood around the body? William Harvey
What discovery did William harvey make? He discovered that the heart pumped blood.
Who improved the telescope Galileo Galilei
What book did Nicolaus copernicus write? Heavenly spheres
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