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Modern Middle East

Honors Social Studies 2022-23

What was the 1991 Gulf War? US vs Iraq over Kuwait invasion
What was the 2003 Gulf War? US invasion of Iraq to end Saddam's rule
What was the Arab Spring? Uprising in the Middle East using cell phones
What was the Balfour Declaration? British approval for Jewish homeland in Palestine
What was the Cold War? Geopolitical conflict between US and Soviet Union
What was the Iran Hostage Crisis? 66 Americans held hostage in Tehran embassy
What was the Middle East Mandate? A compromise dividing Syria among Britain and France in 1918.
What was the OPEC Formation? The founding of OPEC in 1960 to prevent big oil companies from lowering oil prices.
What was the Ottoman Empire's role in World War I? The Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers in World War I.
What was the Suez Canal Crisis? The nationalization of the Suez Canal by Egyptian President Nasser, leading to a military operation by Britain, France, and Israel in 1956.
What was the Six Day War? A war in 1967 between Israel and neighboring Arab states, resulting in Israel conquering many places in the Middle East.
What is the Sykes-Picot Agreement? A British-French agreement to divide Ottoman Arab provinces.
What was the goal of the Sykes-Picot Agreement? To divide the Ottoman Empire's Arab provinces between Britain and France.
What is the Syrian Civil War? A war that started with peaceful protests for democracy and evolved into violence.
What caused the Syrian Civil War? Protests for democracy after a massive drought and the violent response of the Assad regime.
Who supported the rebels in the Syrian Civil War? The U.S army and Europe.
What is the UN Partition of Palestine? A conflict between Jews and Arabs in Palestine over British-controlled territory.
What is the War on Terrorism? An international military campaign launched by the U.S government after the 9/11 attacks.
Who are the primary targets of the War on Terrorism? Sunni Islamic fundamentalist armed groups located throughout the Muslim world.
What was World War I in the Middle East? A conflict fought between the Ottoman Empire and the Allies in the Middle East.
Who were the primary belligerents in World War I in the Middle East? The Ottoman Empire and the Allies.
What was the outcome of World War I in the Middle East? The Ottoman Empire was dissolved and the modern Middle East was created.
What is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? A conflict between Israelis and Palestinians over territory and self-determination.
What role did the Sykes-Picot Agreement play in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? It led directly to the conflict by making unrealistic promises to the Arabs.
What was World War 1 in the Middle East? Fight between French/British vs Syrians/Central Powers.
What were the consequences of World War 1 in the Middle East? Millions of civilians displaced, faced starvation, diseases, and misery.
What is Zionism? Movement for Jewish homeland.
Who started Zionism? Theodor Herzl.
Why did Jews need a place to live after the war? To be safe.
Created by: CohenS_1861
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