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Rise of Europe

Renaissance movement in the 13th-14th centuries during which scholars artists, scientists and scholars were inspired by classical achievements of the Greeks and Romans
bubonic plague This pandemic spread from Asia to Europe and Africa following trade routes and decreasing the populations in all these regions
Where did the Renaissance start? Venice Italy
Why was there an increase in the Bible being published? Invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg
Humanism intellectual movement of the Renaissance which focused on human potential and achievements.
Martin Luther German monk who did not believe in indulgences and post 95 Thesis against the Catholic Church
Protestant Reformation Movement for religious reform; led to the development of Christian churches that rejected the authority of the Pope.
95 Thesis This document written by Martin Luther included many arguments against practices of the Roman Catholic Church including the selling of indulgences written by Martin Luther.
Catholic Counter Reformation Catholic Church response to the Protestant reformation - goal prevent people from joining other church's, strengthen Catholic Church
Scientific Revolution scholars started to question their beliefs about the world and base their conclusions on observation and reason rather than spiritual belief or what organizations like the Catholic Church told them.
Crusades Multiple holy wars called for by the Pope to gain the "Holy Lands" and to remove the knights from Europe and led to a loss of power for the Roman Catholic Church also ended the Middle Ages and Feudalism
Absolute Monarch A ruler with complete control over all parts of society, given by God which include Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Peter the Great, Philip II and Louis XIV
Secular Concerned with worldly matters; non-religious.
Merchants Growth of this wealthy social class in Italy helped the Renaissance to develop.
Printing Press Renaissance invention which produced books cheaply; helped ideas spread quickly, increased literacy.
Indulgences pardon, or forgiveness of sins.
Divine Right Idea that the monarch’s right to rule comes from God.
Spanish Inquisition Persecution in Spain of non-Catholics including Jews and Muslims for the crime of heresy.
Treaty of Augsburg Agreement from the Holy Roman Emperor establishing that the ruler chooses the religion of his territory.
St Bartholomew Day Massacre This event sparked decades of religious conflict in France between Catholics and Huguenots (French Protestants)
Anglican Church Church established in England by Henry VIII, who broke away from the authority of the
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