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Preisinger History 7

Chapter 19 & 21 Test

Chapter 19 & 21 Test Mr. Preisinger
Created & patent the telephone..... Alexander Graham Bell
"Survival of the fittest" theory..... Social Darwinism
First president to consider conservation was a priority..... Teddy Roselvelt
Protection of nature and its resources..... Conservation
Formal process to settle disputes..... Arbitration
Name for the late 1800s that came from a novel by that name..... The Gilded Age
Owned the largest steel company in the United States..... Andrew Carnegie
Used for cooking, heating and lighting, increased demand for oil..... kerosine
NYC clothing factory accident, 146 workers died..... The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
First state to give women the right to vote.... Wyoming
Main goal for Progressives..... Solve problems caused by industrial and urban growth
Total ownership of a product or service..... Monopoly
Prohibited manufacture, sales and transport of mislabeled or contaminated food and drugs..... Pure Food and Drug Act
This country started the 2nd Industrial Revolution..... United States
Government owns and operates a country's means of production..... Socialism
Invented the light bulb..... Thomas Edison
Built lightweight airplane..... The Wright Brothers
First state to pass minimum wage..... Massachusetts
Banned alcoholic beverages in the United States..... 18th Amendment
Journalists that urges Progressives to action by writing stories that describes U.S problems..... Muckrates
How many people were killed in industrial accidents in 1900? 35,000
Private businesses run most industries with this economic system..... Capitalism
Created and owned Standard Oil Company..... John D. Rockefeller
Created the Model T..... Henry Ford
New York City's political machine, most notorious..... Tammany Hall
Way to manufacture steel cheaply..... Bessemer Process
Percent of women college students in 1910..... 40%
Granted women the right to vote in the United States in 1919..... 19th Amendment
SHORT ANSWER: (4pts) What is Social Darwinism? How did it influence people during the Gilded Age?
SHORT ANSWER: (4 pts) Pick One. Describe horizontal or verticle integration. Who used it best? What did it do?
SHORT ANSWER: (4 pts) What were Progressive goals? What reforms did they pass?
Created by: maplelakesped
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