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Flag Etiquette


What do the stars represent? States
What do the stripes represent? Original Colonies
Who wrote the "Star Spangled Banner"? Francis Scott Key
What year was the "Star Spangles Banner" written? 1814
What battle was the "Star Spangled Banner" written? War of 1812: Battle of Fort McHenery
What was the 50th state admitted? Hawaii
What year was the 50th state admitted? 1959
What president was president when the 50th state was admitted? Dwight D. Eisenhower
How should the flag be carried in a parade? Center or on right
How should a flag be flown with other nations? Top or furthest right
How should the flag be flown on Memorial Day? Half-staff until noon
When is Flag Day? June 14th
What year was Flag Day signed into law? 1949
What president signed Flag Day? Harry Truman
What should you do if the flag touches the ground? Burn it
What should you do if the flag is worn and torn? Burn it
Should you fly the flag in severe weather? No
What does the red on the flag represent? Courage
What does the blue on the flag represent? Justice
What does the white on the flag represent? Purity
What does it mean when a flag is flown upside down? Distress signal
What do you do to a flag if you leave it flying and night? Put light on it
Can you use the flag as a dinner table? No
Can you wear the flag? No
Can put the flag on plates? No
Can you put the flag on napkins? No
How should the flag be flown on Veterans day? Full staff
Who is credited as designer of the US flag? Francis Hopkinson
Who was the flag maker? Betsy Ross
Is their proof that Betsy Ross made the first flag? No
When is the flag ordered to be flown at half-mast? To pay respect to someone who has died
How many red stripes are there? 7
How many white stripes are there? 6
How many stripes are there? 13
How many stars are there? 50
What is a Vexillogist? A person who studies flags
Created by: Piglet21
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