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ATS-History 6

Civil War

Eli Whitney invented what? The cotton gin
Jo Anderson (a slave) and Cyrus McCormick worked together to invent the what? The reaper
Robert Fulton improved on what invention? The steamboat
What did the cotton gin do? It increased the production of cotton. This led to an increased need for slave labor to cultivate and pick the cotton.
The reaper increased the productivity of who? The American farmer
The steamboat provided faster transportation that connected Southern plantations and farms to where? The Northern industries and Western territories
The steam locomotive provided faster ____ ______________. land transportation
The abolitionists worked to end _______. Slavery
Why was the suffrage movement so important? It helped women gain equal rights
What was the main idea expressed by the abolitionists? Immediate freeing of the slaves.
The Abolitionists believed that _______ was wrong? slavery
Name 3 Abolitionist leaders. Harriet Tubman William Lloyd Garrison Frederick Douglass
The suffrage movement was led by 3 strong women. Who were they? Isabel Sojourner Truth Susan B. Anthony Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Sufferage supporters declared what? "That all men and women are created equal."
Name 4 things that suffrage supporters believed that women were deprived of. -the right to vote -educational opportunities,especially higher education -equal opportunities in business -women were limited in their rights to own property.
Who was the president of the U.S. during the Civil War who opposed the spread of slavery? Abraham Lincoln
What were the 4 border states? Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, Missouri
What were the slave holding states that remained in the Union called? Border States
What event led to the secession of the Southern states? Lincoln’s election
What document said that California would be a free state and the Southwest Territories would decide about slavery? Compromise of 1850
What document said the citizens of Kansas and Nebraska could vote to decide the issue of slavery? Kansas-Nebraska Act
What document made Missouri a slave state and Maine a free state? Missouri Compromise
Why were Southerners opposed to the abolition of slavery? They feared it would destroy their economy.
What was a major constitutional conflict between the North and South? States’ rights
Which region was an agricultural area where people lived on farms and plantations? South
Which region was a manufacturing society where people lived in cities and had jobs? North
While there were several differences between the North and the South, the issues related to slavery increasingly divided the nation and led to the _____ ___. Civil War
Who believed that they freely joined the Union, so they should be able to freely leave the Union? Southerners
Who believed that the federal government’s power should be greater than that of the state governments? Northerners
Because of their cultural differences, people of the North and South found it difficult to agree on issues, especially _______. Slavery
Why was the invention of the steam locomotive important? It provided faster land transportation.
Why was the invention of the steamboat important? It provided faster water transportation from Southern plantations to northern factories.
Who invented the steamboat? Robert Fulton
Why was the invention of the reaper important? It increased farm productivity.
Who invented the reaper? Cyrus McCormick and Jo Anderson
Why was the invention of the cotton gin important? It increased the need for slave labor and it made growing cotton more profitable.
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What was Lincoln’s main goal when the war began? To preserve the Union
What were the main ideas expressed by the abolitionists? The abolitionists worked to end slavery.
What were the main ideas expressed during the suffrage movement? The suffrage movement helped women gain equal rights.
Abolitionists believed that slavery was wrong. Give 3 reasons why they felt that way. – It was morally wrong – It was cruel and inhumane – It was a violation of the principles of democracy
What was the main issue that divided the nation between the North and the South? (It eventually led to the Civil War.) Issues related to slavery
Cultural What were the main cultural difference between the North and the South? The North was mainly an urban society in which people held jobs. The South was primarily an agricultural society in which people lived in small villages and on farms and plantations.
What were the 2 major constitutional conflicts between the North and the South? states’ rights -versus- strong central government.
How did the issues of states’ rights and slavery increase sectional tension between the North and South? The South feared that the North would take control of Congress, and Southerners began to proclaim states’ rights as a means of self-protection.
Which side believed that the nation was a union and could not be divided. The North
Following Lincoln’s election, who seceded from the Union? The southern states
Confederate forces attacked ____ ______, in South Carolina, marking the beginning of the Civil War. Fort Sumter
Missouri Compromise (1820) Missouri was a slave state; Maine, a free state.
Compromise of l850 California was a free state. Southwest territories would decide about slavery.
Kansas-Nebraska Act People decided the slavery issue (“popular sovereignty”).
Southerners believed that they had the power to declare what? They could declare any national law illegal.
Northerners believed that the national government’s power was _______ over that of the states. supreme
Which states seceded from the Union? (HINT: 11) • Alabama • Arkansas • Florida • Georgia • Louisiana • Mississippi • North Carolina • South Carolina • Tennessee • Texas • Virginia
Which four slave states stayed in the Union? • Delaware • Kentucky • Maryland • Missouri
Where were the other states that remained in the Union located? (They were known as Free States) • California • Connecticut • Illinois • Indiana • Iowa • Kansas • Maine • Massachusetts • Michigan • Minnesota • New Hampshire • New Jersey • New York • Ohio • Oregon • Pennsylvania • Rhode Island • Vermont • Wisconsin • West Virginia
Give 5 facts about Abraham Lincoln... •President of the United States •Opposed slavery •Issued the Emancipation Proclamation •Determined to preserve the Union •Believed the United States was one nation, not a collection of independent states •Wrote the Gettysburg Address
Who was Jefferson Davis? He was president of the Confederate States of America.
Who was Ulysses S. Grant? He was general of the Union army that defeated Lee.
Give 4 facts about Robert E. Lee... •leader of the Army of Northern Virginia •Was offered command of the Union forces but chose not to fight against Virginia •Opposed secession •Urged Southerners to accept defeat at the end of the war and reunite as Americans when some wanted to fight on
Who was Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson? He was a skilled Confederate general from Virginia.
Who was Frederick Douglass? He was a former slave who escaped to the North and became an abolitionist.
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