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History 8.1

Man and his Environment

carcinogen any substance that causes cancer
contaminants those things that pollute the air and water, flr example, chemicals and raw sewage
derivative a substance coming from the chemical change of another substance
ecological system the orderly way in which plants and aimals interact to assure the survival of each
environment the earth God created as a home for all living things
environmental protection agency a federal government agency with powers to regulate and control pollution offenders
erroneous mistake; in error
fossil any hardened remains of plant or animal life preserved in rock formations
fossil fuels natural gas, petroleum, and coal
habitat a region where a plant or animal naturally grows and lives
hydroponic growing plants in solutions containing the necessary minerals, instead of soil
inflation the accelerating rise in cost of living
leukemia disease of the blood-forming tissues
limnologist one who studies the biological, chemical, geographical, and physical features of fresh waters, especially lakes and rivers
megalopolis an extensive, heavily populated place, usually an urban area that involves a network of cities
nicotine a poison found in tobacco leaves
peptic ulcer an open sore on the lining of the stomach
phosphate a chemical used in some laundry detergents and as a fertilizer that is harmful to the environment
psychosomatic illness a physical dicorder in the body caused or aggravated by a mental or emotional problem or stress
shale a fossil rock containing minerals such as oil
socioeconomic pertaining to the particular person or group
subdivision an area of land divided into small parcels so houses or apartments may be built on each separate lot
tuberculoses a disease of the lungs
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