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Stack #38373

Explorers 5th Grade

ExplorerInfo. about Explorer
Prince Henry He created the first Navigation school in Portugal.
Vasco da Gama He sails for Portugal and finds a route to India by going around the Cape of Good Hope.
Ferdinand Magellan Name the Portuguese explorer that sailed for Spain and lead the first expedition to sail around the world.
Columbus He sails for Spain in search of a route to Asia by going west and discovers North America. He believes that he has discovered the Indies (India)
Bartolomeu Dias Name the Portuguese explorer that sailed to the tip of Africa known as the Cape of Good Hope.
Henry Hudson This Englishmen explores the coast of North America for the Netherlands and eventually maps the are for the New Netherlands colony.
John Cabot This Italian explores for England and lands along the coast of Newfoundland but belives he has discovered China.
Hernando Cortes Name the Spanish explorer that conquers the aztecs in Mexico.
Sieur de LaSalle He explores the Mississippi River and claims the Mississippi River Valley for France and names it Louisiana.
Coronado Name the Spanish explorer that explores North America in search of the Cities of Gold and claims the southwest region for Spain.
Ponce de Leon He was the first Spaniard to step foot in present day United States. He was looking for the Fountain of Youth and named Florida.
Sir Walter Raleigh Queen Elizabeth I appoints this English noble to set up England's first colony in North America. The colonists land on an island off the coast of North Carolina. The local Indians called the island Roanoke.
Balboa A Spanish explorer who discovers the Newfoundland. Pacific Ocean
Created by: kwilson