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SOC 105

Ch. 17

National Security the ways nations organize to protect borders, guard their national interests, and shield their citizens and businesses abroad with armies, military bases, intelligence networks, embassies, and consultants
Who is responsible for national security in the U.S.? the president and cabinet members who run the departments of state, justice, defense, and homeland security
Defense budget government's spending plan for maintaining and upgrading their military defenses of the U.S.
3 factors leading to the shift of more recruiting in the U.S. military economic downturn and rising joblessness led more youths to enlist, enticement of signing bonus, military recruiters are given information regarding each potential recruit
4 reasons why the U.S. outspends all nations on national security fear of nuclearweapons, world is unsafe w/ terrorism&aggression that must be confronted, defense expenditures bring profits to corporations, createjobs, & generate economicgrowth, & assumption that a costlymilitary means that no one will challenge us
Weapons of mass destruction nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons capable of large-scale death and obstruction
Terrorism any act intended to cause death or serious injury to civilians or noncombatants to intimidate a population and weaken their will or draw attention to the perpetrator's cause
What has encouraged some individuals to become part of extremist groups? extreme actions by the government
Why is there an increase in terrorism? increased globalization
Bush Doctrine policy guiding U.S. military actions in the "war on terror" and the long range plan for national security in the 21st century
Strategic principles that guide U.S. military actions in the war on terror the line in the sand (you are with the U.S. or with the terrorists), military superiority, unilateral preventative war and regime change
Preventative war war in response to a presumed future threat
Preemptive war war in response to a direct, immediate, or specific threat
One percent solution doesn't require an imminent threat for U.S. to swing into full offensive military force
Consequences/legacy of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan U.S. efforts to free Iraq from the tyrannical lead was unsuccessful, destruction of the countries' infrastructures, middle east resentment against U.S., indirect attack on Muslims, Geneva conventions
Geneva conventions international agreements on the humane treatment of combatants and civilians during war, including basic rights of wartime prisoners
Military Commissions Act term "enemy combatant" up to presidential discretion, removes habeus corpus rights of noncitizens, permits aggressive interrogations of secret prisons, and suspension of normal rules of evidence and due process
Habeas corpus basic human right in western world that prevents police or government from arresting and holding someone without cause (eventually declared unconsititutional)
USA PATRIOT Act expanded ability of law enforcement secret searches and phone and internet surveillance and records, expanded legal def. of terrorism subjecting ordinary political and religious organizations to investigation without evidence
Proponents of the USA PATRIOT Act argue... that the dangers are serious and these and other security measures help make the nation more secure and capable of identifying terrorists
Critics of the USA PATRIOT Act argue... these measures go too far in expanding government ability to intrude on citizens' lives, thereby weakening individual rights
Military personnel numbers are kept at a minimum in the 21st century in 2 ways: extend the combat tours of military personnel, and give them multiple combat tours, and privatize military functions
Cold War tension and arms race between U.S. and the Soviet Union from WWII
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