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age of exploration


What reasons were there to explore? 1.The influence of the renaissance, 2.The stories of Marco Polo, 3.New trade routes, 4. The fall of Constantinople, 5.Desire for empire and 6.Spreading Christianity
What charts did the Portuguese create? Portolan charts
What new equipment was there? A quadrant, an astrolabe, a compass, a log and line and a line and lead weight.
What new ships was there and what do they contain? The caravel and it was large and sturdy and able to make long voyages in all weather, it contained Lanteen sails, Carvel-built hulls, Rudders and a castle at the back
Name 3 bad things that may happen on a long voyage? Mutiny, typhoid fever and scurvy.
Name 3 Portuguese sailors? Prince Henry the Navigator, Bartolomeu and Dias and Vasco da Gama.
What did these 3 sailors do? Prince Henry the Navigator founded the school of navigation in Sagres, Bartolomeu Dias rounded the tip of Africa now called the cape of good hope and Vasco de Gama Sailed up the African coast from modern-day Kenya he sailed east to Calicut,
Who was Christopher Columbus? Christopher Columbus was an italian sailor who started sailing as a teenager and as later sponsored by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabelle of spain. He later discovered America using the ships he was given but he thought he was in india.
After columbus had established settlements in New Word many others followed over the next 200 years, what were the most important things some of these sailors did and when? In 1497:John Cabot landed in Newfoundland, Canada and claimed it for King Henry VII IN 1519-1522:Ferdinand Magellan led a fleet on a voyage to finally prove that the world was round by circumnavigating the globe. 1642;Abel Tasman first to find Tasmania.
What goods did they get from the New World? They got gold, spices, new fruits and also slaves
Created by: Terryfitz
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