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Ancient China Vocab

warlord A military commander exercising civil Power by force usually in a limited area
aristocrats A member of an upper class of society, usually made up of hereditary nobility
ancestors A person that Someone is descended from
pictographs a symbol in a writing system based on pictures
ideographs a symbol in a writing system that represents a thing or an idea
bureaucracy group of selected officials who do different government jobs
heredity heredity having title or possession by reason of birth
Mandate of Heaven the belief that the Chinese Kings right to rule came from the gods
Dao Chinese system of beliefs which describes the way a king must rule
Confucianism A system of beliefs based on the teachings of Confucius
Daoism A Chinese philosophy concerned with obtaining long life and living in harmony with nature
legalism The Chinese philosophy that stressed the importance of laws
social class a group of people who are at a similar cultural economic or educational level
filial piety the responsibility children have to respect, obey, and care for their parents
censor and official who watches others for correct Behavior
currency something, such as coins or paper money, that is used as a medium of Exchange
civil service a person’s personal duty, based on the individual's place in society
tenant farmers a farmer who works land owned by someone else and pays rent and cash for as a share of the crop
acupuncture a Chinese practice of inserting fine needles through the skin to treat disease or relieve pain
oracle bones cattle bones (but Chinese believed they were dragon bones); were heated over a fire, and the cracks were read by priests, believed to predict the future.
loess a dusty, yellow soil that was good for farming
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