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Preisinger History 7

Chapter 16 Test The Civil War

Chapter 16 Test The Civil War Mr. Preisinger
Color of Confederate Army uniforms..... Gray
First Major battle of the Civil War..... 1st Battle of Bull Run
Hesitant general of the Union Army, lost the 2nd Battle of Bull Run..... George McClellan
This amount of money could buy men in the North out of the draft..... $300
Constitutional protection against unlawful imprisonment..... Habeas Corpus
This battle was won by the Union army to gain control over the Mississippi River..... Battle of Shiloh
How many soldiers died at the Battle of Antietam on September 17th, 1862 25,000
President of the Confederacy..... Jefferson Davis
Escaped slave who joined the Union army during the Civil War..... Contrabands
Heavily armored warship..... Ironclad
Number of African Americans that served in the Union army during the Civil War..... 180,000 - 200,000
Siege of Vicksburg last how long until the Confederates surrendered? 6 weeks
Leader of the Confederate army; surrendered to Union forces in April, 1865..... Robert E. Lee
Deadliest single day battle in American history..... Battle of Antietam
Great Britain needed the South's farming to supply its booming textile industry..... Cotton Diplomacy
Order to free all Confederate slaves..... Emancipation Proclamation
The freeing of slaves..... Emancipation
1st woman to receive a license to practice medicine..... Elizabeth Blackwell
Group of northern Democrats who sympathized with the South during the Civil War..... Copperheads
Leader of the Union's western war campaign..... Ulysses S. Grant
About how many Americans died in the Civil War? 620,000
Union wanted to take control of this transportation route during the Western front..... The Mississippi River
Confederate general who held his ground like a "Stonewall"..... Thomas Jackson
This battle was the turning point of the Civil War..... The Battle of Gettysburg
SHORT ANSWER: (4 pts) Choose one: Describe the events of what happened on the Western OR Eastern front of the Civil War. Which side was winning battles? What battles did they win? What were the two sides goals?
SHORT ANSWER: (4 pts) Choose one: North OR South; What were their 3 main advantages entering the Civil War? Why are they important?
SHORT ANSWER: (4pts) How did American life change during the Civil War? How did roles change? What were people doing?
Created by: maplelakesped
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