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Ancient Rome Vocab

Forum A Roman public meeting place
Dictatorship A ruler who has almost absolute power
Empire land with diffrenet territories and people under single rule
Emperor name of a roman ruler during the imperial age
Patricians The nobels in roman society
plebeians Common people of ancient rome
Consuls The two most powerful officials of Rome
Senate Roman officals who were appointed by the consuls
Veto to reject or prohibit actions and laws of other government officials
Checks and balences a system that ballences the distrubution of power
Latin The language of the romans
Arch A structure that spans a space that sporrts wheight
Aqueduct A human made raised channel that carries water from distant places
civil law A legal system based on written codes of law
Rebpublic A government in which citezens have the right to vote and elect government officials
Legion Basic unit of roman army.Each unit has 4500 to 5000 solderis
Maniple Each legion was broken into of bettween 60 to 160 solderis who formed a solid battle line
Constitution A system of rules by which a government is organized
Magistrates Elected officials that made the law
Tripartite Government A government with tree parts
Province an area of land under political control
Toga A garment woren by male citezens
Pantheon A Roman temple dedicated to ALL gods
Colosseum a older amp theater builit around 70 A.D
Greco-Roman charictaristics part greek and part Roman.
Paterfamilias The male head of the house manely theh father of the family
Centurian A roman officer in the military
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