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Japan Stuff


Samurai Culture (Mental) Samurai took time to train and get better. They also meditated.
Battle of Okinawa A battle over the island Okinawa because they wanted it as an air force base.
Westernization of Japan Western countries (US and Europe) had a few battles with Japan to get them to trade, bombed the Tokyo Harbor and made a treaty to get them to trade
Japanese Feudalism A feudalistic system implemented in Japan featuring many classes
The Battle of Iwo Jima A bunch of Americans had a battle because they wanted it also for an airfield and to give them a foothold in the Pacific war
Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki Harry Truman told Paul TIbbits to drop a second atomic bomb on Japan
WWII Tripartite Pact To form an alliance Germany, Italy, and Japan made this pact.
Samurai Culture Samurais (Mercenaries) would train and be hired by rich landowners to protect them
Manchuria Dynasty Japan took part of China and installed Puyi as an emperor for a puppet government put in place there
Natural Resources Any resource that comes from nature
Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima The first place in Japan to get an atomic bomb dropped on them
Pearl Harbor Japan attacked the US Airforce base in Hawaii know as Pearl Harbor, and lead to the US getting involved with WWII
Doolittle Raids James Doolittle started making the B25 Flying Fortress popular for bombing runs on Japan
Heian Period When emperor Kanumu changed the capital from Nara to Hein-Kyo
Tokugawa Shogunate A military government installed in Japan
Nara Period Was very focus on copying China and Agriculture
Manhattan Project The project that developed the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and later helped develop the plutonium bombs
Meiji Restoration When Japan went from Feudal to Imperial Japan
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