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Recognized Dinosaur Species

Dreadnoughtus Once competed for world's biggest dinosaur
Tyrannosaurus rex It was once thought to have been the world's biggest land carnivore, until Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus were discovered. T-rex probably did not roar.
Halszkaraptor Thought to have been one of three dinosaurs that could swim, it is in its own genus
Asteriornis Not a true dinosaur, related to modern chickens. It was a type of closely-related-to-dinosaur bird.
Giganotosaurus Thought to have been the worlds biggest carnivore by many people because of movies, but Spinosaurus was probably bigger
Velociraptor Only the size of a big chicken, and may not have hunted in packs at all. Velociraptors shown in Jurassic Park would be Deinonychus in real life.
Masiakiasaurus Had the most crazy teeth of any dinosaur, they pointed out of its head, and used them to catch fish
Chicken The most closely related relative to the extinct dinosaurs, the Ostrich is second
Stygimoloch May not be a true dinosaur species, may have been the same species as Dracorex and Pachycephalosaurus
Caihong Juji Thought to be the world's first rainbow dinosaur, the feathers were examined and were thought to have been the colors of the rainbow.
Amargasaurus Was a sauropod (long necked dinosaur) that had sails along it's neck
Megalosaurus The first dinosaur to ever be discovered and named
Mosasaurus It is thought to be a water dinosaur, but is not even a dinosaur at all. It was a marine reptile that could grow to over 60 feet long.
Mamenchisaurus Had the longest neck of any dinosaur, over half of it's body was just neck.
Nevadadromeus The only dinosaur that is unique to Nevada.
Utahraptor Named after where it was found, in Utah, where 1/7 of all dinosaurs have been discovered. It was the largest raptor ever, growing up to 25 feet.
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