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SOC 105

The Rich Get Richer... book

How does the criminal justice system act as a carnival mirror? it distorts reality by magnifying the threat of street crime while minimizing the threat from the dangerous acts of the rich
What is the label "crime" in America reserved for? the dangerous actions of the poor
Reality of crime the acts we label crime and the actors and actions we treat as criminal is criminal and shaped by decisions as to what will be called crime and who will be treated as a criminal
Pyrrhic defeat theory explanation of the failure of the U.S. criminal justice that says it fails by not reducing crime rates in order to project a particular image of crime- the work of the poor
The image people have of crime in our society is based on... the criminal justice system, news, TV shows, and media
To be identified properly, crime needs to be... appropriately labeled among equal or more harmful crimes
Ways the criminal justice system deceives us through the carnival-mirror image of "crime" we are led to believe the criminal justice system is protecting us from threats to our well-being, but it only protects us from some, the criminal justice system makes us believe that whatever the target is must be the greatest threat to our well-being
5 hypotheses about the way in which the public's image of crime is created through the decisions of legislators, police and prosecutors, juries and judges, sentencing judges, and of all these taken together
The message that TV crime gives is... one-on-one crimes of the poor are the typical crimes that both rich and poor commit, so they are not caused by the pressures of poverty, and the criminal justice system is not biased as it pursues both rich and poor criminals
Purpose of the criminal justice system to protect persons and property and to enforce standards of conduct necessary to protect individuals and the community
How is the purpose of the criminal justice system undermined? the one-on-one harm model of crime
Chemical warfare is being waged on 3 fronts: pollution, cigarette smoking, and food additives
Why does poverty remain? refusal of those who have more to share with those who have less
3 ways the criminal justice system fails... to reduce crime, to treat the harmful acts of the well-of as crimes, and to eliminate bias against the poor in arrest, conviction, and sentencing
How does the criminal justice system contribute to an ideology? by conveying the message that the poor are the worst threat to society and that their criminality is a result of individual failings rather than social inequities
Historical inertia explanation argues that current criminal justice policy persists because it fails by providing benefits for those with the power to make changes and shaping public conception of real threats to society
Reasons why criminal justice systems convey a message in support of established institutions it concentrates on individual wrongdoers and diverts attention away from "criminal" institutions, criminal law is put forth as the minimum neutral ground rules for any social living
How is the criminal justice system a one-way street? it focuses on individual responsibility for crime rather than looking at the existing social order for injustice
How is society producing crime? by drawing out talents and energies that go into producing a high standard of living and the system of capitalism
Marxian theory of ideology occurs when ideas, however unintentionally, distort reality in a way that justifies the prevailing distribution of power and wealth, hides society's injustices, and thus secures uncritical allegiance to the existing social order
When does the criminal justice system provide justice? when it equally protects the rights and interests of all members of society
Ways to rehabilitate criminal justice in America by protecting society End poverty&inequality, treat harmful acts of rich as crimes & legalize "victimless crimes", legalize illicit drugs&treat addiction as a health problem, make correctional programs promote responsibility& success once released, enact & enforce gun controls
Ways to rehabilitate criminal justice in America by promoting justice arrestsoncrime, not economicclass, limitsystem’suse of discretion&hold themaccountable, systemused for publicsafety &communityonly, change equalrighttocounsel to righttoequal counsel, establishjustdistribution of wealth&income topromote equalopportunities
Created by: kkade
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