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Roman Achievements

Roman Achievements- Part 3

What were two major cultures that Roman adopted? Greek and Hellenistic
What was best literature by Virgil? Aeneid
What was Aeneid suppose to portray? It was suppose to portray Roman past as heroic
What as the reason for Virgil to attempt this goal? There was political unrest
What does Virgil write about Roman ideals of ....... Loyalityt to state, devotion to family, and reverence to gods
What were the problems that Virgil attempted to point out? Civil wars, loyality to generals, slavery, and focus on wealth
What were Sculptures like? They stressed realism tried to reveal one's character traits
What was Roman art like? Mosacic and tried to decorate homes
What are Mosacis they are pictures made from chipped stone or glass
What was the architecture like? It emphasized grandeur
What is an example of architecture? The Pantheon
What was one thing that dignified their architecture? It was large and proud
What was preserved in Pompeii after the erupting of the Mt. V Roman art and architecture was still preserved
When Mt. Vesuvius erupted what happened to Pompeii? It was concrete statues
What did they excelled in ? They excelled in engineering and Aqueducts
What was their engineering like? Using science and mathematics to build structures and machines
What did they use aqueducts for ? To bring fresh water into the city
What are the three ways that the ancient Romans used science ? they collected knowledge improve maps and geography created enyclopedias
What are the top achievements of Rome Water proof concrete arch, vaulted ceiling, and dome roads aqueducts and bath complexs
What are the top achievements of Rome suwer system bridges and tunnels buildings such as Circus Maximus, and Colosseum and the Pantheon Weapons and siege warfare
What are the top achievements of Rome foundation of Law harnessed water power early building machine calendar
Created by: Sophie ER
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