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4. Government


Communism A theory of government in which property such as farms and factories is owned by the government for the benefit of all citizens; government controls all aspects of citizens’ lives
Dictatorship Form of government in which a single leader or small group has complete control over the government
Democracy A government in which the citizens directly participate by voting
Government A system for running a country
President Nation’s chief executive
Supreme Court The highest court in the land
Law A bill which has been passed by both houses of congress and has been signed by the President
Constitution An important document which contains rules and laws for setting up and running the country
Prime Minister The chief executive of a parliamentary democracy; similar to the President of the United States
Commonwealth A place that has its own government, but also has strong ties to another country
Majority More than half of the voting members
Constitutional Monarchy A type of government in which there is a monarch (the queen), but the true power comes from the constitution
Census A governmental counting of the population which is taken every ten years
Cabinet Advisors to the President (ex. Secretary of Education, Secretary of Health)
Bill A plan for a new law
Chief Justice Head judge of the Supreme Court
Ambassadors Representatives that the United States sends to foreign countries
Checks and Balances A system that ensures that no branch of government becomes too powerful
Veto When the President says no to a bill
Province A political division of land in Canada, similar to a state in the United States
Bill of Rights The first ten amendments to the United States Constitution
Territory An area of land; has less self-government than a province
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