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PSSA vocabulary-read

vreading vocabulary for 5th grade

a pattern of rhythm in a poem meter
information that can be proven fact
something that happens as a RESULT of a cause effect
a passage that gives you facts without trying to make you feel a certain way informational passage
Giving human qualities to animals and objects personification
the person who tells a story narrator
a figure of speech that compares two different things without using the words "like or as" metaphor
the reasons why a character does something motive
a viewpoint or personal belief that cannot be proven true or false opinion
a kind of guess you make about what is happening, based upon what the narrator tells you inference
what a story or passage is mainly about main idea
the main series of events in a story plot
A base word used to make a bigger word root
an alphabetically arranged list of key terms, with page numbers, found in the back of a book index
a type of writing that describes a sequence of events; a story narrative
a short title that comes before a page or paragraph, telling you what the topic of the page or paragraph will be heading
what a character feels emotions
the order in which things happen sequence
the time and place in which the events of a story occur setting
the things that a character does actions
the person who wrote the story, article, play, drama, or other passage author
the reason why something happens cause
the most exciting or important part of the story climax
using the text and sentences around a word to figure out what it means context clues
teling how things are different contrast
a spoken conversation between characters dialogue
words that have opposite meanings antonym
a group of letters added to either the beginning or end of a word affix
the things that a character does actions
the process of solving a problem, or making less conflict in a story solution
the part of a plot, usually in the beginning of a story, that sets out the main problem or struggle conflict
a character's qualities traits
a brief description of a story or event, telling only the main idea of the passage and the most important details summary
Created by: bonedog77
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