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* Cook Unit 9 Austra

* Cook Unit 9 Australia

From where did the Aborigines enter the Australian continent thousands of years ago? Southeast Asia
Why are natural resources important to Australia's economy? Australians can trade their natural resources to other countries for goods that they want and need.
Why do Australians have to exchange currency in order to trade with other countries? Businesses in other countries do not use Australian dollars.
Which natural resource is important to Australia's economy? iron ore
Which was an effect of British settlement of Australia? The settlers brought deadly diseases.
Why are most of Australia's cities on the eastern and southeastern coast of the country? The climate is temperate, and there is good rainfall.
A large number of early settlers in Australia were what? Prisoners
True or False? Laws are in place to protect the rights and property of people who want to start their own businesses in Australia. TRUE
Buying computers to build products more quickly is an example of investing in which type of capital? Physical
How were the Aborigines affected by the British colonization of Australia in the nineteenth century? Diseases spread and killed most of the aborigines.
The following action would move Australia more towards which type of economy? The government let supply and demand set the price of fuel. Pure market
Which country's culture had the greatest effect on the language and religion of Australia? United Kingdom
What was one advantage the British had over the Aborigines as they explored and colonized Australia? They had guns and powerful cannons.
Who administered laws made by the Commonwealth Parliament in Australia? The Prime minister
How would one describe the geography of Australia? Large semiarid, dry region with temperate climates in the southeastern coastal areas.
Which weapon did the aborigines invent? The boomerang
Describe Australia's market economy? Consumers decide which goods will be produced and which services offered.
What event in the mid-19th century led to the killing of hundreds of Aborigines? a gold rush
Which type of government system gives citizens the most voice in making the laws of their country? democracy
The following list are activities that are engaged in by what group of people? 1. Beginning a company 2. Buying a warehouse 3. Hiring employees entrepreneurs
What is one effect of a low literacy rate? Citizens have a lower standard of living.
Economies that have characteristics of the command and market economy,they are called what? Mixed
Which activity was a common part of the life of the aborigines? hunting
What is one effect of a country investing in the education and training of its citizens? The GDP will rise because workers that are better educated can find ways to do their jobs better.
Why do few people live in the Great Victoria Desert? It is too hot and dry.
Australia has which type of government? federal
Which nearby country is most important to Australia for trade? China
Why are most Australians Christian? Most of the original European settlers were Christian.
Describe an oligarchy A small group runs the government
The Commonwealth Parliament is in which part of the government? legislative
What is the role of the governor-general in Australia? represents the Queen in Australia
Which has the most power in the Australian government? The people
What is the difference between the Australian prime minister and the president of the United States? The president is the head of state, and the prime minister is not. In Australia, the Queen holds the position of Head of State.
The prime minister in Australia is also the leader of the political party with the most seats in Parliament.
The European Union is an example of which type of government? Confederation
Which of the following is an example of physical capital? gold, factories, health care, or highways factories
What was one result of British colonization of Australia? Australia is a modern, independent country with close ties to Great Britain.
Which condition helps Australia have a strong market economy? Courts protect the property rights of business owners.
What has helped Australia have a high GDP? modern factories and technology
What role does entrepreneurs play in the Australian economy? They provide new jobs for Australian workers.
When a factory builds one product and finds ways to build it better and less expensively this is an example of what economic concept? Specialization
Which type of economy does the government make laws to protect private property owners, courts enforce laws to protect consumers and businesses, prices for goods and services are set based on what consumers agree to pay, and there are few trade barriers. Market
How are tariffs and quotas alike? restrict trade between countries
Australia stopped selling weapons in hopes that stopping trade might end civil war. What economic concept does this action address? embargo
How are the prices for goods and services set in Australia? Buyers and sellers agree upon a price for goods and services.
What is the currency of Australia? Australian dollar
Why did the British want to start a colony in Australia? to use as a penal colony for prisoners.
In which century did the British begin to colonize Australia? 18th century
Look at the Australia map and know the location of the Great Victoria Desert, Coral Sea, Great Barrier Reef, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Ayers Rock. Look at the Australia map and know the location of the Great Victoria Desert, Coral Sea, Great Barrier Reef, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Ayers Rock.
Created by: kcook
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