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Plamer- WWI

sect 86-90

Central Powers Germany and its allies
Moltke (blank)
Joffre The French commander
battle of Tannenberg Eastern front; Hindenburg won for ger against russia
Darendelles Campaign
battle of Verdun France vs. Germany, germany far outweighed france but the casualty rate was about the same. lasted 6 months "they shall not pass"
"they shall not pass" at the Battle of Verdun, in which the french army held off the Germans. it became a legend of determined resistance
battle of the Somme (blank)
sinking of the Lusitania May 1915; Lusitania was a passenger ship from American to Britain. German Uboats fire and kill Americans because there was weapons in the cargo that the passengers didn't know about. "Unrestricted Uboat warfare" was discontinued
battle of Jutland sea battle between Germany and Britian. Ger wanted to break br blockade, br lost more ships, but ger retreated so br victory
Secret treaty of London of 1915 (blank)
Sir Roger Casement (blank)
Zimmermann telegram Germany sent a telegram to Mexico, saying they should start a war with USA to delay the time it would take to get to the Western front. The British got it and decoded it, then gave it to USA. USA therefore declared war on Germany.
Balfour note of 1917 Balfour was the British foreign minister. Br wanted Palestine, but didn't want to occupy it. so they promised to give the Jews back their homeland, but it caused controversy because Palestinians were still there.
Armenian deportations (blank)
Twenty-One Demands Japan presented them to China. Japan controlled a majority of Chinese political and econmical affairs
Bethmann-Hollweg (blank)
treaty of Brest-Litovsk March 1918, Russia officially left the war; russia gave up a lot of land to germany
Hindenburg (blank)
Ludendorff (blank)
Nivelle (blank)
Petain (blank)
Passchendaele (blank)
Caporetto (blank)
Foch (blank)
Lloyd George Prime minister, was at the Paris peace conference: wanted to expand br colonial empire and "make Germany pay for the war"
Clemenceau at the paris peace conference, "The Tiger" wanted revenge for france and security from any German invasion ever. He suggested a buffer state between Fr and Gr, no more army for Gr, and that Gr pay for all financial war damages
Orlando Prime minister of Italy, he wanted to enlarge Italy's territory. they felt entitled due to the secret treaty with london in 1915, however, in the pairs peace treaty, all secret alliances were declared nugatory. was forced to resign after his failure
Fourteen Points President Woodrow Wilson outlined 14 points for reconstructing Europe after WWI. Some points specific, others general (freedom of seas, abolishing secret treaties, and right of national self-determination of others. This was made without Europes consent.
Anglo-French-American treaty (blank)
demilitarization of the Rhineland (blank)
the Saar (blank)
Sudeten Germans (blank)
"mandates" (blank)
Polish Corridor a strip of German territory awarded to newly independent Poland by the Treaty of Versailles. gave Poland access to the Baltic Sea. more fuel for WWII
Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes called Yugoslavia after 1929, dominated by serbs, but the fact that Italy got Trieste and some Dalmatian islands angered some Yugoslavs
reparations Compensation or remuneration required from a defeated nation as indemnity for damage or injury during a war. Treaty of Versailles
"war guilt" clause Article 231 stating that Germany and her allies were solely and completely responsible for all damages that were a result of the war.
Leauge of Nations covenant part of the treaty of versailles, was seen as a new status quo in favor of France and Britian
Dual Alliance initial alliance between Germany and A-H
Triple Alliance Germany, A-H, and Italy
Entente Cordiale France and Britian
Triple Entente France, Britian, and Russia
Franco-Russian Alliance Bismarks worst fear of a 2-front war came true with this alliance. Russia felt it needed an alliance and France was more than egar to create one.
"reinsurance treaty" (blank)
Tangier Incident (blank)
Annexation of Bosnia (blank)
Balkan Wars (blank)
Sarjevo Crisis (blank)
Germany's "blank check" Germany offered an unlimited amount of support to Austria's military
Self-determination a majority of the 14 points, said that every country has the right to be its own nation
black hand Serbian radical who killed Franz Ferdinand
popular parliament in Russia the Duma
Russia's secret police Cheka
proposal to avoid future wars league of nations
financial demands placed on the loser of a war indemnities
The french desire for revenge for the Franco-Prussian war Revanche
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