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Chapter 16 (20/21st)

20/21st - Davis - SVHS - World War Looms

The government suppresses all opposition and has strict control over the citizens who have no civil rights. Totalitarian
Stresses nationalism and militarism and placed the interest of the state above the interests of the individual. Fascism
National Socialist German Workers’ Party Nazis
A German region bordering France and Belgium that was demilitarized by the Versailles Treaty. Rhineland
U.S. critics believed banks and manufacturers were pushing for war solely for their own profit. "Merchants of Death"
The western border regions of Czechoslovakia where about 3 million German-speaking people lived. Sudetenland
Giving up principles to pacify an aggressor. Policy of Appeasement
A series of trenches and fortifications built along the eastern France border. Maginot Line
Discrimination against or prejudice or hostility toward Jews. Anti-Semitism
To support Britain; a plan in which the U.S. would lend or lease arms to nations whose defense was vital to America. Lend-Lease
In his desire to purge (eliminate) anyone who threatened his power, he was responsible for the deaths of 8 –13 million of his own Soviet citizens. Joseph Stalin
He seized power by taking advantage of high unemployment, inflation and a middle-class fear of Communism. He was also a strong public speaker who appealed to Italian national pride. Benito Mussolini
His ability as a public speaker and organizer drew many followers, he quickly became the Nazi Party leader calling himself “Der Fuhrer” (the leader) he promised to return Germany to its old glory. Adolf Hitler
His reign lasted from 1926-1989 and followed tradition and was called "Showa" or "Radiating Peace“; however, he began a military buildup with several attacks on China and a dream of Pacific domination. Emperor Hirohito
As a result of the Spanish Civil War a closer relationship between the German and Italian dictators led to Hitler and Mussolini signing an alliance with Spain known as the Rome-Berlin Axis
What happened on September 1, 1939? the Invasion of Poland
Where the Luftwaffe rained bombs on airfields, military bases, railroads and cities while German tanks raced across the countryside. Blitzkrieg
The Royal Air Force (RAF) was able to hold off the German air attack with ________ and the ________. Radar and the Spitfire Plane
The murder of 11 million people across Europe (more than half of whom were Jews). The Holocaust
In 1935 ______________ stripped Jews of their citizenship, jobs and property. Nuremberg Laws
In 1935 Jews forced to _____________ to identify themselves. wear bright yellow stars
Night On November 9-10, 1938 Nazi Storm Troopers attacked Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues across Germany, over 100 Jews were killed, hundreds more were injured, and 30,000 Jews arrested. Afterward, the Nazis blamed the Jews for the destruction. KRISTALLNACHT (NIGHT OF BROKEN GLASS)
The incident where a German ocean liner passed Miami in 1939, the U.S. coast guard followed the ship to prevent anyone from disembarking in America the ship returned to Europe –more than ½ of the 943 passengers were later killed in the Holocaust. THE PLIGHT OF THE ST. LOUIS
Where were the main Nazis Death Camps located? in Poland
Which Nazis Death Camp was the largest? Auschwitz
In September of 1939 Roosevelt persuaded Congress to pass a _________ provision that allowed nations to buy U.S. arms and transport them in their own ships. “cash & carry”
What was the most likely reason that FDR was elected to an unprecedented thrid term? The majority of voters were unwilling to switch presidents during such a volatile time in history
Which nation did the U.S. first show support by sending both arms and money? Great Britain
Why did the U.S. start to show support to the USSR in 1941? In June of 1941, Hitler broke the agreement he made with Stalin in 1939.
What happened on December 7, 1941? the Japanese attacked the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor
Created by: davissvhs