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Civics Quiz 1

Basics of Constitution & Article One

power is handed down on hereditity monarchy
those who have the authority or control over others government
government is in total control of one person dictatorship
power is shared by all democracy
no government anarchy
king or queen is in place, but, has no power constitutional monarchy
example of anarchy Afghanistan
example of democracy America
example of constitutional monarchy England
example of monarchy Saudi Arabia
example of dictatorship Iraq
king, queen, and emperor have control in this monarchy
power of the people; rule of the people democracy
a document that made a formal friendship between the 13 colonies Articles of Confederation
the main problem with the first document guiding the 13 colonies was that the government lacked major power
Under the Articles of Confederation, most power was in the hands of the states
The Articles of Confederation __________ by May of 1787 failed
This section of the US Constitution introduces the goals of the document Preamble
Goal: a peaceful society domestic tranquility
Pennsylvania has state laws and the US has federal laws. This is an example of: federalism
The legislative branch is established in Article ____ of the Constitution one
Congress is divided into the House of Representatives and the ______ Senate
Members of the House are elected every ____ years two
To be in the House, one must be at least 30 years old and be a US _________ for at least 5 years citizen
The number of representatives a state has is based on its population
There are 435 ______ in the House representatives
Each state is granted 2 _____________ Senators
How long is a Senator in office? Six Years
Every two years, a ________ of the Senate must run for election third
Requires Congress to bring a prisoner to court to tell them why they are being held writ of habeas corpus
Punishes a person for a crime that was not illegal when it was committed ex post facto law
Laws that declare people guilty of wrongdoing bill of attainder
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