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AICP Planng Mgmt

Planning management practices

What is a DELPHI study An analysis technique that utilizes surveys & anonymous experts
What are the 3 key elements of a DELPHI study 1) structure of information flow (surveys, respondents, & project manager) 2)feedback loop 3) participant anonymity and expertise
A DELPHI study can best study what type of problem Simplistic, not mult-faceted
What two project management techniques model a network/sequence of parrell & corresponding tasks? PERT & CPM
What is PERT? Program Evaluation & Review Technique
What is CPM? Critical Path Method
What is the difference between PERT & CPM PERT: VARIABLE task times. CPM: FIXED task times.
Why does the task increment escalate in 10s in PERT In order that new tasks may be inserted as project progresses
What two management principles deal with a hierachy of needs? Maslow & ERG
What does ERG stand for? Existence, Relatedness, Growth
What is the primary differences between Maslow & ERG? Maslow: a large # multiple steps, each achieved at the completion of the next, all people act same. ERG: only 3 steps, steps may overlap or parrallel, and all people different
What is a Gantt chart? Schematic that shows the steps/tasks of project on a parrelle, horizontal model.
What is a WBS Work Breakdown Stucture. It is a form of a Gantt chart, by which multi tasks are broken down and identifies
What role does a WBS play in project planning Used prior to a CPM or PERT in order to identify the tasks
What is ZBB Zero Based Budgeting. It is a budget process which assumes that the baseline budget each fiscal cycle is zero.
Why is ZBB good for government? Because it helps ensure that projects are still needed & helps prevent spending from spiraling out of control.
What is a fiscal impact analysis? Estimates the impact of a development or a land use change on the costs and revenues of governmental units serving the development.
What does a fiscal impact analysis evaluate? revenues, expenditures, land values—and characteristics of the development or land use change—e.g., type of land use, distance from central facilities.
What is the benefit of a fiscal impact analysis Estimates the difference between the costs of providing services to a new development and the revenues—taxes and user fees, for example—that will be generated by the development.
What is a cohort survival or logitudinal study? A study that evaluates the same group, with the same base trait (ie: birth date) for a long period of time. May be compared to another group representing a larger population universe.
What is a shift-share study? Land use study that evaluates the shift in a given issue's share (ie: population/employment) from one area to another.
What is a cost-benefit analysis? A management study that evaluates the benefits of a solution (including programatic & personnel) costs to the value / benefit of the outcome.
Why is a cost-benefit analysis useful Determine if a project/solution is worth implementing.
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