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Exploration and Tech

Chapter 3 Lesson 1

AnswerPerson, Place, or Vocab
scientific knowledge and tools technology
science of planning and following a route navigation
a trip taken with the goal of exploration expedition
lands ruled by another country empire
one who sets up and runs a business entrepreneur
effort made to achieve a or gain a goal cost
reward gained benefit
A movement to make all of Spain a Catholic country Reconquista
An explorer who wrote a book about his travels to Cathay (China) that influenced many later explorers to travel to China. Marco Polo
Founded a school of navigation in Portugal to improve ships and navigation technology Prince Henry
In 1492 sailed for Spain west to find a more direct route to Asia. Found and claimed new lands for Spain. Named an island he found San Salvador. Christopher Columbus
Spanish Monarchs that supported Columbus's Voyages. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
Lead the Viking around 1000 A.D. and explored Iceland, Greenland, and Newfoundland. He left Newfoundland after getting into balltles with the Native Tribes. Leif Erickson
Developed a printing press that made it easier and cheaper to print books. Johannes Gutenberg
Created by: psteenhoek