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noun a member of a group of English Protestants of the late 16th and 17th centuries who regarded the Reformation of the Church of England under Elizabeth as incomplete and sought to simplify and regulate forms of worship. • ( puritan) a person with censor Puritanism
noun ( pl. -cies) a system of government by one person with absolute power. • a regime based on such a principle of government. • a country, state, or society governed in such a way. • domineering rule or control : a boss who shifts between autocracy, per Autocracy
noun ( pl. -cies) a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god. • ( the Theocracy) the commonwealth of Israel from the time of Moses until the election of Saul as King. Theocracy
noun punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong. Vengeance
noun chiefly derogatory a person who does not belong to a widely held religion (esp. one who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim) as regarded by those who do : bringing Christianity to the heathens. • a follower of a polytheistic religion; a pagan. • ( the Heathen
adjective relating to, constituting, or guilty of wicked or criminal behavior : the villainous crimes of the terrorists. • informal extremely bad or unpleasant : a villainous smell. Villainous
noun 1 a piece of legislation enacted by a municipal authority : a city ordinance banned smoking in nearly all types of restaurants. 2 an authoritative order; a decree. 3 a prescribed religious rite : Talmudic ordinances. Ordinance
noun 1 the habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant. • self-centered feeling or conduct; egoism. 2 a social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control Individualist
noun a statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory : a potentially serious conflict between quantum mechan Paradox
noun 1 ( pl. -gies) a system of ideas and ideals, esp. one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy : the ideology of republicanism. • the ideas and manner of thinking characteristic of a group, social class, or individual : a criti Ideological
noun an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, esp. a theory or an abstract idea : the first obvious manifestations of global warming. See note at sign . • the action or fact of showing something in such a way : the manifestati Manifestation
noun ( pl. -cies) Magistrates
ghostly evidence Spectral Evidence
verb Conjured
combining form Faction
Miller 1 |ˈmilər| Miller, Arthur (1915– ), U.S. playwright. He achieved success with Death of a Salesman (1949). The Crucible (1953) used the Salem witch trials of 1692 as an allegory for McCarthyism?. He was married to Marilyn Monroe between 1955 and 196 Arthur Miller
United states senator from Wisconsin Joe McCarthy
noun a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. See also Marxism . Communism
noun a list of people or products viewed with suspicion or disapproval. verb trans.? (often be blacklisted) put (a person or product) on such a list : workers were blacklisted after being quoted in the newspaper. Blacklisting
13 people that went to jail for communism The
accused the hollywood ten for communism House Committee on Un american Activities
prefix 1 once more; afresh; anew : reaccustom | reactivate. • with return to a previous state : restore | revert. 2 (also red-) in return; mutually : react | resemble. • in opposition : repel | resistance. 3 behind or after : relic | remain. • in a withdr Red
noun 1 chiefly derogatory information, esp. of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view : he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda. • the dissemination of such information as a poli Propaganda
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