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Sphinx history and important facts

What date was Sphinx founded? February 28th, 1919
What were the original letters of Sphinx? Delta Sigma Phi
What year did Sphinx become a legitimate social group? 1923
What year was Sphinx told to "join or cease"? 1930
What date did Sphinx change their letters to the letters used now? April 1st, 1930
What group merged with Sphinx? Alpha Bet Sigma (Alps)
When did Sphinx merge with another group? 1933
What year were all the Sphinxmen enlisted? 1943
What are Sphinx's colors? Kelly green and White
What is Sphinx's sister sorority? Kappa Phi Omega
What is the sister sororities mascot? Scottie Dog
What is the sister sororities colors? Turquoise, Black, and Gold
What does the lamp on the crest stand for? truth and knowldge
What does the flame on the crest stand for? brotherhood
What do the seven rays on the crest stand for? the 7 organizing memeber
What does the Sphinx on the crest stand for? power and pride
What does the sword on the crest stand for? brotherhood and fidelity
What does the star on the crest stand for? the five founding fathers
What does the flag look like? Kelly green with a white band dividing the flag, has the letters on it, alternating colors
What is the Sphinx symbol? an evergreen pine
What does the Sphinx symbol represent? continuous brotherhood throughout a lifetime
What is the Sphinx flower? American Beauty Rose
What are the six pillars of Sphinx? Brotherhood, Fidelity, Devotion, Scholarship, Self-control, Service
What is Sphinx's motto? Veritas Ad Nos Super Omnia
What does the motto mean? Truth to Us Above All
What year was the first refounding? 1946
What year had record pledges? 1970
How many pledges were in the largest pledging group? 37 people
What year did Sphinx refound the second time? 1963
What year did a Sphinxman deactivate to activate another fraternity? 1984
What fraternity was refounded by a Sphinxman? Lamda Gamma Epsilon (Kings)
What year did Sphinx lose another prominent alumni member to cancer? 1990
What year did Sphinx reactivate for a third time? 2001
What year was Kappa Phi Omega founded? 1921
What year were Sphinxmen called to war for a second time? 1951
How many people were left when the Korean war started? 6 people
What were the original colors of Sphinx? red and blue
What year did Sphinx change their colors to what they are now? 1963
What year did Sphinx disband for the final time? 1998
How long was Sphinx dormant until the third refounding? 2 years
When was Sphinx the second largest fraternity on campus? 2002
What year was Sphinx the largest active fraternity on campus? 2010
What year was the chapter room named? 2014
What does Dibs do? Alumni Advisor
How many years has Sphinx been running? 104 years
When did Sphinx change their constitution to become more inclusive? 2022
What three things come before Sigma Delta Phi? God, Country, and Otterbein
What do the letters Sigma Delta Phi stand for? Self-control, Devotion, and Fidelity
What three articles govern Sphinx? New Member Oath, Activation Oath, and Constitution ??
Created by: mick3y23
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