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AP Ulysses S. Grant

Grant's administration

Credit Mobilier a corporation to finance anc construct the Union Pacific. Formed by large stockholders of the Union Pacific Railroad
What did the Credit Mobilier sell? sold supplies and construction materials at exorbitant (high) prices to the Union Pacific
Congressman Oakes Ames agent for Credit Mobilier who sold/gave profitable stock to key Senators and Rep. who would use their influence to see that Congress extended favors to the Union Pacific
What happened to the Credit Mobilier after the New York Sun reported about the scandal? Investigation begin.
General John McDonald supervisor of the IRS headed the conspiracy to defraud the gov.
McDonald's scheme Revenue officials allowed distillers (people making liquor) to sell a portion of their output without paying the tax thereon. For ex: distiller was allowed to pay $5000 less in taxes than the law required if he would pay $3000 to the revenue officials.
Treasury Benjamin H. Bristow sent agents secretly to St. Louis. Distillery records were seized, which exposed the scandal.
General O.E. Babcock Grant's secretary who supervised the ring's activities.
"Boss" William M. Tweed was the leader of Tammany Hall
Tammany Hall Democratic Club of New York City
Thomas Nast drew cartoons in the Harper's Weekly picturing Tammany Hall as a tiger. This imply that Tammany Hall was corrupted. The cartoons made the public resent Ring's activities.
The money that Tweed and his ring collected came from... contracts for goods and services purchased by the city and from all tyeps of organized vice and illegal activities by which $ could be made.
Treaty of Washington in 1871 England and the US agreed to settle disputes over fisheries, boundaries, and the Alabama by arbitration (process for resolving disputes )
Secretary of State Hamilton Fish able to reach an agreement with England to submit the issue to an internation tribunal for arbitration.
The trunal findings England had violated international law in by permitting the construction of the commerce raiders in British shipyards. US was awarded with $15 million.
The issue that was brought to the tribunal negotiations with England in an attempt to recover damages caused during the Civil War by commerce raiders Alabama, Florida, and Shenandoah
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