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AP Andrew Johnson

Johnson Administration

How was Johnson accepted by Congress? Congress looked on Johnson as an outsidere who was simply the so called head of the party and a President by accident.
What party was Johnson from? He had always been a Democrat, but he had been the only United Staes Senator from a Confederate state to remain loyal to the Union. So he seperated himself from the Democrats and was never accepted by the Republican Party
Emancipation Proclamation applied only to... rebellious state (free only slaves in rebellious state). loyal slave states: Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri were unaffected
14th Amendment 1868 marks the end of the presidential Reconstruction plan and the beginning of congressional control. Its major purpose was to force the South to give equal civil rights to blacks.
Reconstruction Act of 1867 stated that there was no legal gov. in any ex-Confederate state except Tennessee (only ex-Confederate state to ratify 14th Amendment). The act then went ton to set up the congressional plan of Reconstruction
black codes passed b Southern legislatures to regulate the lives of freed slaves. These black codes restricted blacks from voting, to serve on juries, to assemble unless white Southners were present, to be on the streets past sunset, to travel without permits.
Black code established white control over black by requiring that black make long-term work contract with employers. Those without jobs could be arrested and forced to work for the highest bidder.
Reconstruction Act 1867 required each of ten ex-Confederate states to replace its already functioning gov. (established under the 10% Plan).
Reconstruction describe a period of corruption and poor government throughout the US
Scalawags white Southerners who cooperated with Radical Republicans.
Carpetbaggers Northerners who came to the South to become political leaders.
Reasons that made scalawags and carpetbaggers work ineffective overthrow of the 10% plan state governments, presence of thousands of fed. troops in the South. And some dishonest scalawags and carpetbaggers
Tenure of Office Act 1867 all officials appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate were subject to dismissal only with the consent of the Senate
Thaddeus Stevens chairman of the Houe delegation on the Joint Committee on Reconstruction. He became more powerful than the President
Attempt of Tenure of Office Act 1867 was to get rid of Johnson and make the Executive department of the gov. subervient (obedient) to the Congress
Why was Johnson impeached? He considered the Tenure of Office Act unconstitutional, so he fired Secretary of War Staton. Congress thought they had a case against Johnson. He violated a law of congress
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