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AP Lincoln

Lincoln Administration

Jefferson Davis president of Confederate States of America
Buchanan position on the succession of the states states had no right to secede but he had no right to prevent seccession.
Lincoln's view about gov. interfering with slavery "I have no purpose, directly or indirectly...to interfere with slavery in the states where it exists. I believe I have to lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.
Copperheads Northerners who opposed Civil War. (refers to poisonous snake)
Comparing the Union and the Confederates -North North contained most of the industry, banks, railroad mileage. Their farms supplied a diversity of products.
Comparing the Union and the Confederates industrial development and financial resources were less than 1/3 that of the Union. Its mostly grew cotton, tobacco, sugar. These resources could be help the war only if they deliver it to foreign ports. Inadeaquate railroad milage and water transport.
Advantages to the South GB wanted So. products (So. expected alliance with England); France might aid So; So. knew firearms, horses; So. men were professional soliders; no need to conquer Union; believed No. would not fight and expect No. to be divided about it.
4 objectives to defeat the Confederates 1)capture Richmond 2)blockade Confed. ports 3)control the Mississippi River and thus divide the Confed. as well as cut off its meat supply from Texas 4)cut Confed. into sections and then round up its armies
How the Confederate plan to defeat the Union 1)fight a defensive war 2)keep the Union off balance by threatening or makeing stabs at Washington 2)create dissension in the No. 4)outlast the Union so that No. morale would break
What is meant by "rich man's war but a poor man's fight" sons of rich family could stay home because they can provide a sustitute (pay another person to fight)
Maximillian appointed by Napoleon III to the position of Emperor of Mexico. Maximillian mantained control of Mexico throughout the Civil war. After he lost support of French troops, he stayed in Mexico and was executed by Mexican gov.
Lincoln's reconstruction plan rebelling states must adopt constitutions that forbade slavery, voters in these states must take an oath of allegiance to the US; Not less than 10% of voters had to pledge
Ten Percent Plan The # of voters required to take the oath of allegiance was to be not less than 10 percent of the # of persons who voted in each state in the election of 1860
bounties reward for volunteers (In the North) who enlist to fight in the Civil War
Whose power is it to admit states to the Union? Congress
Whose function is it to quell any civil disorder President
Whose function is it to set ghings in order again when peace is restored? President
Homestead Act stimulated westward movement by offering 160 acres to any head of a family. The land was free if it was lived on for five years, or it could be bought at $1.25 an acre after it was lived on for 6 months. (land companies discourage purpose of plan)
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