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AP James K. Polk

Polk Administration

dark horse suprise nomination. For ex. nobody knew who Polk was when he was nominated for pres. election.
Polk's slogan for expansion "Reannexation of Texas and Reoccupation of Oregon"; "Fifty-four forty or fight" - was the claim to Oregon; "All of Oregon or none"
How did a 3rd party caused Clay to loose the election of 1845? The Liberty Party (3rd party) ran James G. Birney for president. Their members were Whigs who would have ote for Clay if the Liberty party had not been organized.
Sam Houston Lead Taxans to defeat Mexican general Santa Anna at the San Jacinto River 1836.
When did Texas declare itself an independent republic? When Houston and troops defeated Santa Anna
Zachary Taylor In 1845, he was ordered to defend the "territory of Texas" along the Rio Grande.
What "reason" did the Mexican War started? 1846, American force of 63 men was captured, 11 were killed. THe war was on. Polk declared war because Mexico had "shed blood upon American soil"
What ended the Mexican war? The battle at Buena Vista, where Zachary Taylor won; Winfield Scott's campaign against the war; arines took control of the Mexico City (Mexico's capital)
Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty (1848) The US gets New Mexico and CA, mexcio recognized Rio Grande River as the border of Texas, US paid $15 million
Gadsen Purchase 1853 US purchased a small strip of land for $10 million. This territory contained a pass through the mountains for railroads
Compromise of 1850 (Omnibus Bill) (Fillmore administration) CA was admitted as a free state; nothing could be done about slavery in Texas; Area between TX and CA were divided at the 37th parallel; Fugitive Slave law contain provisions to recover fugitive slaves
37th parallel (Fillmore administration) In the territory south and north of the 37th parallel there were no restrictions to slavery. But when either territory become a state, the people living there could then decide by popular vote whether they want a slave or free state.
Fugitive Slave law (Fillmore administration) It states that enforcement officials need to capture fugitive slaves; everybody need to enforce this law; fugitive was not allow to testify in his own behalf; no trial by jury; $1000 fine to anyone helping slaves escape
Clayton-Bulwer Treaty 1850 (Fillmore administration) cool down hostility between British and US. a) neither GB nor the US will seek or acquire control over Central Amer.; any canal built must be open to the ships of all nations; nations that canal passes through must give consent for canal's construction
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