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AP Andrew Jackson

Jackson's Administration

How did the people feel about Jackson? They felt that he was "one of them". His parents were immigrants, had was a prisoner of the British, he has 2 bullets in his body; he was victim of slander; frontier settler
Jacksonian Democracy reforms of the 1820s and 1830s when Jackson was president.
nominating convention replaced caucus; brought into use a political device that shifted the selection of candidates from a few party leaders to party membership
Instead of choosing presidential electors by legislature, states... changed to the democratic system of direct election by the voters
How were qualifications for voting reformed? religious qualifications for voting were dropped. Property qualitications were greatly reduced or eliminated
Spoils system favored by Jackson. He thought that the party that won the election should have its member appointed to gov. jobs.
panic of 1837 unemployment and wage cuts, put an end to labor union
When did labor get recognize? not until after Civil War
Dorothea Dix made people realize that the insane needed hospitalization rather than imprisonment. She also started the movement for prison reform
Emma Willard founded the Troy Female Seminary at Troy, NY, in 1821. It was the first women's college in the US. It is now the Emma Willard School
Oberlin College became the first coeducational college in 1834
Mary Lyon founded Mount Holyoke Seminary in 1837. it is now Mount Holyoke College
American Temperance Union hedl its first national convention in 1836
Grimke sisters Sarah and Angelina, freed their slaves and left their homes in SC to preach the cause of abolition. both sisters were Quakers.
Frances (Fanny Wright) set up a colony of free blacks in Tennessee. Public and official opinion forceds its abandonment, & the blacks were sent to Haiti. Writ supported women's rights, labor unions, free public education, and against slavery.
Lucreita Mott opposed slavery and supported equal rights for women. She, with Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote a Declaration of Sentiments
Declaration of Sentiments made a case for equal rights for women as Jefferson's declaration had done for independence of the colonies
William Lloyd Garrison was most effective voice against slavery. Wrote the Liberator paper. Leader of the abolition movement who demanded immediate emancipation. Turned to temperance reforms and votes for women
Liberator appeared in Boston in 1831 & continued for 35 years w/Garrison as its editor
Horace Mann organized a public school system in MA in the late 1830s and mid 1840s that greatly influenced public edu. throughout the US.
How did Horace Man's public school system influenced public education? 1st high school in the nation was built; training school for teachers was established; MA lead free public education
William Ladd played a leading part in the forming of the American Peace Society in 1828
American Peace Society in 1828 called for a congress of nations and an international court. THe idea that there must be some way toher than war as a last resort for settling disputes among nations is an old one, much older than the American Peace Society.
Tariff of 1832 unimportant modification of the Tariff of Abominations.
Nullification Act threat by SC that it would not ermit import duties to its borders
Force Bill 1833 Congress was telling SC and Calhoun that they had no sympathy with nullification and the states intention not to obey the tariff law.
compromise Tariff of 1833 provided for automatic annual reductions of tariff rates for ten years, so that at the end of this period the rates would be approx. at the moderate protective of 1816.
2nd BUS 1816 stabilizer for business as well as a check upon less responsible banks.
Why Jackson vetoed the 2nd BUS BUS is unconstitutional; it is a monopoly; stocks were owned by rich people who benefit at the expense of the people ; foreign stockholders could influence foreign policy; bribe politicians; Pres. & Cong. says if BUS is consititutional, not Court
Results of death of 2nd BUS gov. funds were deposited in state banks (pet banks)
Gag Resolutions 1836 - 44(during Martin Van Buren administration) all petitions, memorials, resolutions, papers, etc. reatling in any way to slavery or abolition are not allowed.
Why did Quincy Adams fight against the Gag Resolution? He said it was a violation of the Constitution. What good was the right of petition guaranteed in the 1st Amend. if the House/Senate operate under a Gag Resolution?
Webster-AShburton Treaty 1842 (under John Tyler administration) left the Mesabi iron deposits within the US. It was a treaty to end the Aroostook War - dispute against Main-Canadian border.
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