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french revolution

Old Regime The French political and social system in the years before 1789
First Estate Under the old regime in France, the social class made up of the clergy
Second Estate Under the old regime in France, the social class made up of the nobility
Third Estate The largest social class the old regime in France, the social class made up of the peasants, city workers, and middle class.
Bourgeoisie The middle class, especially in France.
French Revolution The rebellion of the French people, beginning in 1789, against the monarchy and the class structure of the Old Regime.
Émigrés A noble who fled France during the French Revolution
Declaration of the Rights of Man A document issued by the National Assembly during the French Revolution.
Radicals A person who favors drastic change.
Counter-Revolution A movement that opposes a revolution and attempts to restore the government previously in power.
Suffrage The right to vote
Jacobin: A member of the most radical group in the French National Convention.
Girondist One of the moderate members of the French National Convention.
Reign of Terror: Period from 1793-1794 when brutal measures were used to eliminate enemies and critics of the revolutionary republic set up in France.
Nationalism A feeling of devotion to and pride in one’s country.
Coup d’ `etat The sudden overthrow of a government.
Napoleonic Code The code of laws commissioned by Napoleon in 1800, which stated that all men should be treated as equals.
Napoleonic Wars A series of wars between France and most of the major European powers that resulted from Napoleon’s desire to rule Europe.
Continental System Napoleon’s plan to ruin Britain’s trade by forbidding France’s allies and countries under French rule to import British products.
Abdicate To give up a powerful position, especially a throne
Guerrilla warfare A type of warfare that small groups of fighters make surprise attacks.
Quadruple Alliance An alliance formed in the early 1800’s by Prussia, Austria, Russia, and Great Britain to prevent France from dominating Europe.
Battle of Waterloo The 1815 battle in which Napoleon was decisively defeated by the European allies.
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