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AP James Monroe

Monroe's administration

In 1820, how many free states and how many slave states were there? 11 free states and 11 slave states in the Union
Why did the North have 105 seats in the House and the South only have 81 seats? Because the greater population in the North
Tallmade Amendment would have prohibited any additional slaves entering Missouri and would have declared free on their 25 year any slaves born in Missouri after it became a state.
The arguments against the Tallmadge Amendment Congress had no right to attach conditions to state applying for admission. It could admit/refuse to admit, but it could not dictate social and economic conditions.
Missouri Compromise 1820 Maine should be admitted to the Union as a free state and Missouri as a slave state. South of the parallel 36 degree 36' would permit slaves. North of this line would prohibit slaves.
Monroe Doctrine 1823 US would be displease at any interference by Europe with the independence of any republic in the Western Hemisphere. We shall not interfere with Europe's concerns and they should not consider getting more territory in the West.
Clay "American System" Internal improvements at federal expense; BUS; and protective tariffs
When did the end of the Feeling of Good Era began? when Adams appointed Clay secretary of State; this caused two party to raise
The two parties that rose at the end of the Feeling of Good Era National REpublicans and Democratic Republicans
"corrupt bargain" the term Americans used to describe the bidding between Adams and Clay; Clay make Adams president then Adam makes Clay Secretary of State
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