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AP James Madison

Madison's administration

Macon Act of 1810 withdrew all restrictions on trade with ENgland and France. It stated that if whichever nation (British/France) stop its attack upon our commerce then we would stop trading with the other nation.
Berlin and Milan Decrees France's policy of seizing any neutral shipping headed for enemy ports. Making all neutral shipping bound for British Isles subject to capture by England.
Orders in Council British policy of seizing any neutral shipping headed for enemy ports. Making all neutral shipping bound for European port subject to capture by France.
Treaty of Ghent 1814 Ended War of 1812. Contained no compensation, no penalties, no territorial adjustments. Everything was to be as it had been before the war started.
Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson's artillery and riflemen mowed down close formations of British infantry(foot soldiers). 2000 British died vs. 13 Americans dead
What did the Treaty of Ghent convinced Europe of? That the US had established itself as a permanent gov. THe financial responsibility built into tour gov. by the Fed. plus our victories at war gave the US standing among the nations of the world.
Hartford Convention The place where the Fed. party committed its act of self-destruction
Era of Good Feeling one political party, great victory at New Orleans and a peace treaty combined to create feeligns of pride and patriotism
Resolutions by the Hartford Convention (proposals for amendments to the Constitution)
Hartford Convention proposals - embargoes 1) No embargoes shall last for more than 60 days
Hartford Convention - 2/3 vote requirements 2/3 vote of each House of Congress shall be required to a)declare war (would have prevented War 1812) b)place restrictions on foreign trade c)admit new states to the Union (New states would be western states and therefore Rep.)
Hartford Convention - naturalize citizen no naturalize citizens hall hold any federal office (almost all naturalized citizens would be Republicans)
Hartford Convention - direct taxes and representation Direct taxes and representation in the House of Rep. shall be apportioned among the states according to the # of free inhabitants therein. (would abolish the 3/5 clause and thus reduce delegations from the South where the states were Rep.)
Hartford Convention - President No president shall have more than one term (the only Pres. elected on the Fed. ticket, John Adams, served only one term. The other 3 Pres. served two terms)
Hartford Convention - successive Pres. no two successive Pres. shall be from the same state. (Washington, Jefferson, and Madison were Virginians) New England was fed up with the "Virginia dynasty"
First Protective Tariff 1816 - reasons Amer. manufactures would have the domestic market free from British competition. (to keep the nation united) Agricultural states could feed the towns/cities and supply raw products for factories; highways, turnpikes, and canals could be conbined
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