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AP John Adam

Adam's administration

XYZ Affair 1797 (blank)
Why did France begin attacking our ship in 1797? France considered Jay Treaty a violation of the Treaty of Alliance 1778. They resented America's refusal to aid France, which was its obligation under the Treaty of 1778
Who did Adams appointed as commissioners to work things out with France? Pinckney; Gerry; and Marshall
What did the "unofficial" French envoys informed our commissioners to do before formal talks could begin? Arrange a loan to France and pay a bribe of $240,000
X,Y, and Z the "unofficial" French envoys
Talleyrand claimed that the XYZ had no connection with the French gov. He negoitated with the US commissioners: The Treaty of Alliance 1778 was off and the French and US both pay damages done by naval war between them.
Naturalization Act 1798 aliens could not become citizens until they had lived in the U.S. 14 years. THe previous resident requirement had been 5 years.
The Alien Act 1798 President can deport all aliens considered dangerous to our peace and safety or inclined to be engaged in treason. No alien was ever deported under this law.
Sedition Act 1798 "any false, scandalous, and malicious writing" about the US gov/Congress/Pres. gets fined and jailed. person conspiring to oppose any law/official gov. gets a fine and jailed; trust of statements accepted as defense; act continued until 1801
Judiciary Act of 1801 Changed Sup. Court from 6 to 5 judges, craeted 16 additional circuit court judgeships
How did Adam attempt to maintain Federalist control over the judicial branch of the gov. before Jefferson was inagurated? He appointed judges to fill the position created by the Judiciary Act of 1801. These were "midnight judges"
How did the Naturalization Act, Alien Act, and Sedition Act designed to hurt the Republican? Most naturalized citizens were immigrants - the laws prolonged the time till immigrants can vote.
Kentucky and Virginia Resolution said that whenever the fed. gov. assumes undelegated powers, it acts are: unauthoritative, void, and of no force.
Kentucky and Virginia Resolution 1798 defined "compact" as an agreement, known as the Constitution
significance of Kentucky and Virgina Resolution it hinted that it was a lawful step for states to withdraw from the union and to nullify Congressional laws.
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