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vocab unit 012

vocab unit cards

abuse improper,wrong,or cruel treatment;insulting language to put to bad use; to hurt or damage by treating badly syn: Misuse, harm Ant: Care, support, honor
Appliance A machine or tool used to do a household job. Syn: Device, gadget
Confirm To agree or prove that something is true; to make sure, remove any doubt Syn: Verify, Check Ant: Deny, Disapprove
Daze To stun or confuse. A state of confusion. Syn: shock, stupor Ant:
Flimsy Not strong or solid. Poorly made. Not convincing. Syn: Weak, Thin Ant: Strong, Sturdy
Gauge A standard measure used to tell size, thickness, etc. An instrument to measure to estimate. Syn: Scale, Rule, Guess
Migrant An animal or person that moves from one region to another as the season changes; a farm work who moves seasonly to pick different crops. Syn: Traveler, Drifter, Nomad
Neutral Not taking any side in a disagreement or war; in between; lacking distinction; not in gear Syn: uninvolved; Uncommitted Ant: Committed, Involved
Pitiless Showing no sorrow or regret for another suffering or troubles. Syn: Cold; Heartless Ant: Kind hearted, Merciful
Presentable Fit to be seen or inspected. Syn: Suitable, Proper Ant: Shabby, Improper
Rotate To turn around a central point; to Alternate Syn: to circle, twirl, spin, to change, switch
Shred A thing strip; a tiny piece or amount. To cut or tear into thin strips or small pieces; to rip ups Syn: Scrap, Bit, Fragment Ant: Whole, Fix, Repair
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