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Unit 7 Vocab. Terms

To study for test

james monroe 5th president of the United States during the Era of Good Feelings
john quincy adams James Monroe's secretary of states, worked out the Adams-Onis treaty and Convention of 1818
monroe doctrine America's foreign policy that stated Europe was no longer to colonize the Western Hemisphere
latin america Another name for Mexico, Central and South America
adams-onis treaty Agreement between Spain and the United States that gave Florida to the United States
cede to give
annex to add to a country
convention of 1818 Agreement between Britian and the US that set border with Canada at the 49th parallel
industrial revolution the economin changes in the late 1700s in which manufacturing replaced farming as the main form of work
lowell mill girls workers in the factories at Lowell, Massachusetts
samuel slater British immigrant that introduced the first steam-powered factory to the United States
richard arkwright Inventor of the water frame
urbanization the process of people moving from rural farms to factories in cities
interchangeable parts A process of making standardized parts for easier and quicker repairs
eli whitney Inventor of the cotton gin and the concept of interchangeable parts
telegraph A device that sent electrical signals long distance across wire using dashes and pauses
irish immigrants that worked on railroads and canals and lived in northeastern cities
german immigrants to US that settled in the Midwest on farms
Emigrant a person leaving a country
immigrant a person moving to a new country
potato famine Blight on potatoes that led to the death of millions of Irish
era of good feelings A time of political harmony during James Monroe's presidency
American system an economic system introduced by Hnery Clay to grow the US economy so that is would become self-sufficient
Henry Clay Proponent of the American system and Congressman from Kentucky
Erie Canal A man made waterway that connected New York city to the Great Lakes
Nationalism A strong feeling of pride in one's country
Sectionalism Pride in one's region or section of the country over the nation as a whole
Tariff A tax on imports, passed to protect American manufacturing
Infrastructure A nation's system of transportation and communication
Cotton Gin A device that sped up the process of removing seeds from cotton
Memphis The cotton capitol of the south, where farmers traded cotton along the Mississippi river
Deep South southern states that relied the most on cotton - Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas
Slave Codes Laws passed by Southern states to govern and punish the behavior of slaves
Spirituals Religious folk songs sung by slaves to express their faith
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