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Unit 7 Vocabulary

James Monroe Gave the Monroe Doctrine, Fifth president, Created the Missouri Compromise
John Quincy Adams U.S ambassador and part of Monroe's cabinet who negotiated the settling of Americans in Oregan and created the Adams- Onis treaty.
Monroe Doctrine James Monroe's declaration that Europe will not try and conquer Central America.
Latin America Newly freed countries under the United States including Mexico and Central America.
Adams-Onis treaty An agreement between America and Spain, which was negotiated by John Quincy Adams, where Spain gave Florida to America. Showed that America was not to be messed with.
Cede For a country to give land to another
Annex The process which adds countries.
Convention of 1818 A treaty that set the boundary between the Northern part of the Louisiana Purchase and Great Britians land. Followed the 49th Parallel
Industrial Revolution The manufacturing boost during the 1800s that created new tools and grew Americas economy.
Lowell Mill girls Girls that were hired by Lowell Mills to work for them. They worked long and difficult hours for a few years. Important because it gave women financial independence.
Samuel Slater Brought factories plans from Great Britian to America which he memorized. The blueprints were eventually used to create the first steam powered factory
Richard Arkwright Inventor of the water frame which allowed cotton to be turned into yarn using the speed of water instead of by hand
Urbanization People began giving up farming to go move into cities to work in factories.
Interchangeable Parts Created by Eli Whitney and it allowed for single parts to be sold instead
Eli Whitney Created interchangeable parts which allowed single parts to be bought and installed instead of buying a new thing. Also invented the cotton gin
Telegraph A device created by James Morse which communicated through Morse code over long distances.
Irish Immigrants which came to the US due to famine. Were not trusted to have jobs in politics and other places. Worked in cities in the northeast.
Germans Immigrants who came to the U.S due to escaping political views. Worked on farms in the Midwest.
Emmigrant Someone who leaves their country of origin
Immigrant Someone who enters into a new country for different reasons.
Potato Famine A potato disease that left Ireland with little food and millions dead. One of the causes for Irish immigrants.
Era of Good Feelings Occurred during James Monroe's presidency when majority of things were at peace
American System Henry Clay created it to help America become self reliable instead of dependent on European goods.
Henry Clay Created the American system.
Erie Canal A canal made off of Lake Erie to connect New York to it.
Nationalism Increased after the War of 1812 and was a feeling of pride for ones country.
Sectionalism Pride for ones section of a country
Tariff A tax on imports which was created by Alexander Hamiltons financial plan
Infrastructure The communication and transportation system of the U.S which was improved by the telegraph and steam engines.
Cotton Gin Created by Eli Whitney and it allowed more cotton to be produced in a day by having the machine pick out seeds
Memphis The hub for cotton exporting and trading
Slave Codes Individual to each state. Laws that controlled how slaves behaved and what they were allowed to do.
Spirituals Music and songs that were used by slaves to represent their faith and created the catagories jazz and blues.
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