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AP Washington

Washington Administration

When Washington was unanimously elected president, were there any faction opposing the government? no faction trying to wreck the republic. Those who had opposed ratification of the Constitution were working to establish the gov.
Judiciary Adt of 1789 1)established Supreme Court of 6 Justices, a Chief Justices, and 5 Associate Justices 2)provided for 13 District Court and 3 Circuit Courts 3)established the office of Attorney General
John Jay the first Chief Justice
Edmund Randolph the first Attoney General head of the Justice department
Tariff 1789 (Alexander Hamilton's 10 percent tariff) purpose was for revenue and to protect domestic necessity
excise tax tax levied on something produced, sold, and used in the U.S/
Whiskey Rebellion 1794 in the West, corn farmers were unhappy with whiskey tax. Throughout western counties, tax collectors were tarred and feathered. Arms band were formed to resist the tax. Washington led 15,000 men to overawed the rebellious farmers. Tax was paid.
What were the U.S. 3 major sources of revenue? 1) the tariff 2) the sale of public lands 3) the excise tax
B.U.S. Bank of the United States
What constitutional powers of the government justified the creation of B.U.S. 1) to collect taxes 2) to borrow $ 3) to pay the public debt 4) ro regulate commerce
What was the reason that political formed? Political parties were formed because of the debate over the loose construction/interpretation vs. the strict construction/interpretation
Federalist loose constructionists
Republicans (sometimes called the Democratic Republicans) strict constructionists
What kind of people were Federalist? business owners, their property was closely related with commerce and trade., professional people of large communities
What kind of people were Republicans? opposed Constitution; small farmers; the pro-farmers people, the people who benefits from farms (land owners)
What were some facts that explained why BUS was a key point of Hamilton's financial program total capitalization was $10 million; b could issue paper $; branches of b could transfer credit easily from city to city thus aiding business; taxes could be paid to b; b handles US bonds; short term loans could be made by b to the US
How did Bus aid the Treasury Department? stablize effect on the currency system; make other banks adopt sound banking practices; asset to the economy; prosperous private business
What is meant by funding the debt? combinding of the domestic and foreign debts and refinancing them by a new issue of bonds
Assumption Bill all the states would pay off the total debt
How did the Assumption Bill benefit the South? Since the South had paid off a larger share of the debt than the North, they agreed to vote on the bill if the capital was located on the Potomac River
How did the Assumption Bill benefit the North? (blank)
Citizen Genet Went to the US to seek aid under the Treaty of Alliance of 1778. He realized that our gov. would not help him, so he directly recruited men and outfitted privateers.
What was the aim of Citizen Genet? was to raise troops to take Florida and Louisiana from Spain.
Jay Treaty 1795: the reason for it British were seizing yankee ships and impressing our sailors
Jay Treaty British would get out of Northwest trading and military post by 1796; US ships weighing not over 70 tons could trade with British West Indies, but their cargoes must not include cotton, molasses, or sugar.
Pinckney Treaty with Spain (aka San Lorenzo Treaty)1795 the US ahd free navigation of the Miss. River; the 31st paralle was accepted as our southern boundary line; US could use New Orlean's port; US could ship goods down the river for transhipment to foreign ports
New Orleans; why was it important? was the only exit for foreign trade by Americans living west of the Alleghenies
American Daily Advertiser printed Washington's Farewell Address on Sep. 17, 1796
Washington's Farewell Address Washington would not run for a 3rd term; warned against forming politial parties; avoid "permanent alliances" with foreign countries
Washington's reason to why political parties are bad distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration; agitates the community with jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one part against another; opens door to foreign influence and corruption
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