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China Facts

What is silk? expensive,a secret in China for a long time,made from silk worm cocoons.
What is a seismograph? made by astronomer,detects earthquakes, pendulum swings, ball falls in toads mouth.
What are traditional economy? uses ancestors traditions,old fashioned, non-developed country.
What is democracy? democracy:the power is in the people.
Who is Shihuangdi? first emperor,built Terracotta Army for tomb.
What is Mongolia,Beijing,Huang,and Himalayas? Mongolia:code of conduct,strong military,split in north/south by Manchu Quing. Beijing:capital,17,430,000 people. Huang:river,gave them loess and floods. Himalayas:mountain range,separates China from the rest of Asia.
What is reincarnation and the Mandate of Heaven? reincarnation:life after death, reborn again as another living thing depending on how good you've been in your past life. Mandate of Heaven:emperors spoke to gods through oracle bones to get the right to rule.
What is World War 1 and The Opium War? World War 1:15 million deaths,war against the world(each continent/country). Opium War:Great Britain sold a drug(opium) to china, emperor didn't like-opium effected their culture, made it illegal,Britian kept selling it,started war.
What is yin/yang and overpopulation and the Great Wall of China? yin/yang:yin is dark,yang is light,dot shows a seed of one another,they are opposite that make a whole. overpopulation: only aloud to have 1 child unless first child is a girl. Great Wall:1,013 miles, 5 million workers,one part finished in 605 BC.
Who is Wu Hao and what does dynasty mean?What is the silk road? Wu Hao:empress,made youngest son king first. dynasty:the sequence of rulers from the same family. silk road:trade route for silk,Europe/Asia.
What is poetry? influence of literature,big part of society,one of the arts they practiced.
What is a steppe? dry, shaded area
What is loess? yellow sand found in Huang River,used for soil.
What are oracle bones? made from animal bones,tell the future.
What is WTO? sending and receiving products from other countries in the WTO.
What is a command economy? government controls you,no freedom.
What is a market economy? supply and demand,WTO(world trade organization).
What is Taoism? live in harmony, live by the natural way of the world(yin/yang).
What is Neo-Confucianism? know the difference between good/evil, rejected karma/reincarnation,mixes Confucianism,Taoism,and Buddhism.
What is democracy? the government controls you.
Who was Kublai Khan? unified China,introduced paper money,idea for Grand Canal.
Who was Siddartha Gautama? founded Buddhism,came from India.
Who was Confucius? founded Confucianism,wrote the Book of Rites.
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