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Ch 8 vocab ss

8th gr Ch 8 vocabulary social studies

The story of the Trojan Hero Aeneas Aeneid
A form of government in which the leader is not a king or queen but someone put in office by citizens with the right vote Republic
An open space in Rome that served as a marketplace and public square Forum
A smaller unit of the Roman army made up of about 6,000 soldiers. Legion
Wealth landowners Patrician
Rome's people who were artisans, shopkeepers, and owners of small farms; the common people Plebeian
Top government officials in the Rome Republic Consul
To reject a decision Veto
a judge in ancient Rome Praetor
Rome's most important legislative branch; a select group of 300 patrician men who served for life; lawmaking body of Rome Senate
Made in 471 BC and was formed by the plebians when they were allowed to set up their body of representatives Council of Plebs
In ancient Rome, a person who ruled with complete power temporarily during emergencies Dictator
A law that stated priciples of justice that apply to all people everywhere; Roman set of laws Twelve Tables
The idea that the law should apply to everyone equally and that all people should be treated the same way by the legal system "Rule of Law"
A series of three wars fought between Rome and Carthage from 264 to 146 BC Punic Wars
The name the Romans called the Meditteranean Sea; means "our sea" in Greek Mare Nostrum
Large farming estates in ancient Rome Latifundia
In ancient Rome, a three person ruling group Triumvirate
A small river at the southern boundary of Caeser's command area; in which is crossed to invade France Rubicon
A warning issued to Caeser which he ignored; later that day Caeser's enimies surrounded him and stabbed him to death in March 15, 44 BC "The Ides of March"
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