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Winneconne SS Ch 10

Winneconne 6th Grade Social Studies Chapter 10

The seperation of a group of people by society is known as what? Social Isolation
The rights guaranteed to all citizens by the Constitution Civil Rights
Opposing something without resorting to violence Passive Resistance
The race between the US and the Soviet Union to explore space The Space Race
An agreement which stated that Vietnam should be independent and divide between North and South Vietnam Geneva Accords
A conflict which brought US troops to South East Asia to stop the Domino Theory Vietnam Conflict
A law designed to create equal opportunities in federally funded schools is know as what? Title 9
An agreement to reduce the number of nuclear weapons agreed upon by the US and the Soviet Union Arms Control
A conflict started when Iraq invaded Kuwait Persion Gulf War
Who fought for Brown v. Board of Education and eventually sat on the Supreme Court Thurgood Marshall
This gave equal rights to all people Equal Rights Ammendment
He took over for President Nixon Gerald Ford
Why did President Nixon go to China To be the first President to extend peace to a Communist Nation.
She was the first secretary of state Madeleine Albright
He once rose to the highst spot of the US armed forces Colin Powel
He broke Baseballs color barrier Jackie Robinson
They were the first 2 men on the moon Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
Apollo 11 was headed where? The Moon
Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta created what? The United Farm Workers
Communist nation discussed in this Chapter The Soviet Union, China, and North Vietnam
Topeka, Kansas, Montgomery, Alabama, and Greens boro, North Carolina were the sites of what type of passive resistance Brown v. Board of Education case, Montgomery Bus Boycotts, and City wide sit-ins
Mikhail Gorbachev was in charge of what country The Soviet Union
The Environment Protection Agencey is in charge of what? Environmental Laws
On Earth Day many people do what? Pick up trash, Plant Trees, and recycle
Ho Chi Minh ruled what nation North Vietnam
Political cartoons were used in what way during the Vietnam Conflict? To show the division in the US between the hawks and the doves
Who beat Al Gore President George W. Bush
Define segregation The belief that poeple should be seperated or are considered better than others based on non-factual reasons.
The fall of the Berlin Wall ment what An end to Soviet occupation of East Germany and the beginning of the End to the Cold War.
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