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10th & 11th Gr. TAKS

Historic Terms TAKS Obj. 1

Political Issues Issues related to government, conflict resolution and decision-making for a group of people
Economic Issues Issues related to money, taxes, and production of goods and services.
Social Issues Issues related to culture, work, lifestyle
Domestic Having to do with one's own homeland (U.S.)
International Involving other countries
Era A historic period identified by some prominent figure or characteristic.
13 Colonies Original east coast areas settled by Great Britain/England beginning in 1607 that became the original 13 states.
Colonists People who settle and live in a colony
Taxation Government process of charging a fee on goods, products, people and/or activities
Grievances Complaints
Consent of governed Idea that people give government power as stated in the Declaration.
Naval blockade To cut off supplies; economic tool to force a nation to suffer shortages in order to give up fighting
Great Britain/England The "mother country" for the 13 colonies; country we fought against to gain independence.
Representative Democracy A government where people vote for representatives to serve in the government.
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