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AP Amendments

U.S. Amendments

freedom of religion 1st Amendment
freedom of speech 1st Amendment
freedom of press 1st Amendment
freedom of petition 1st Amendment
freedom of a state of have a militia and the people to bear arms 2nd Amendment
freedom from having soldiers quartered in private homes in time of peace; or even in time of war unless a special law to that effect has been passed 3rd Amendment
freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures 4th Amendment
freedom from being guilty unless the grand jury said so 5th Amendment
freedom from being tried again for the same crime when one has already been tried and found innocent 5th Amendment
Freedom from being forced to testify against one's self 5th Amendment
freeom from being deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law 5th Amendment
freedom from having one's property taken for a public use without just compensation 5th Amendment
freedom, in all criminal cases, to have a speedy, public trial by jury; to have counsel for one's defense, to have witnesses in one's behalf to testify; and to be confronted by witness against one's self 6th Amendment
freedom to demand a jury trial in any case where you're being used over for over $20 dollars 7th Amendment
freedom from excessive bails and fines; freedom from cruel and unusal punishments 8th Amendment
protection for other individual rights not listed in the Constitution 9th Amendment
State the purpose and intent of the Bill of Rights. Explained why the BIll of Rights was accepted as a defense for the states against possible encroachment by the fed. gov.; reserved powers to the state 10th Amendment
Modification of the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court (court does not have original jurisdiction in cases where a state is involved in a case with a citizen of another state or with a subject of a foreign nation) 11th Amendment
election of President and Vice President 12th Amendment
define what a citizen is; and citizens are subject to jurisdiction of the U.S> and the state wherein they live 14th Amendment
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