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AP Constitution***


Powers forbidden to States no treaties, no coining money, no titles of nobility, letter of marque and reprisal, coin $, issue paper $ make anything except gold and silver legal tender, pass a bill of attainder/ex post facto; pass a law impairing the obligation of a contract
guarantees to the states republican form of gov; protection of invasion; protection from domestic violence when requested
Article 4 Section 1 States need to prevent a person from crossing state lines to avoid court action
Does right in one state carry over to another? (ex. marriage?) Yes
The 13th Amendment made what citizens liabilities obsolete? a person in slavery in one state cannot escape it by going to another state
Who admit new states? Congress
Can a new state be formed within an existing state? No
Can new states be form by two states joining together? No
Who has the power to govern and make rules about U.S. - owned territory? Congress
When a state violates the Constitution that sais "states should recognize each other’ official acts", it has the backing of? public opinion within its own borders, and probably the public opinion of a much larger area edit delete dispute
Conditions that constitute a "republican form of government" each state must have a legislature elected by the people under suffrage privileges which allow a large part of adult to vote
Under the "Supreme Law of the Land" claus, which 3 authorities does it make supreme? 1) the Constitution 2)the laws made in pursuance thereof the Constitution; 3) treaties of the U.S.
What is the "Supreme Law of the Land" clause? Any state laws and any provisions in any state constitution incompatible with the supreme law of the land are unconstitutional, null and void
Created by: Tiffastic