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Stack #37016

B2 Assoc Clin Sci Misc

5 Causes of Geriatric Dizziness otologic, central, medical, psychogenic, unlocalized
Gertiatric HR response to hypovolemia, fever decrease
atrial premature contractions happen at rest in the abscence of detectable heart dz
limit to cellular replicative capacity hayflick's phenomena
geriatric population increase from 1900-1990 ten-fold
centenarians by 2040 450K
renal blood flow at 30yoa is 1200; at 80 yoa is ? 600mL/min
female longevity d/t biological difference
LBM reduces ? %/decade from 30 to 80 6%
geriatric adipose to LE is considered ? benign
m/c cause dementia in elderly otologic
bluish discoloration of the cervix and vagina chadwick sign (of pregnancy)
pregnant linea alba linea nigra
mask of pregnancy chloasma
fetal heart rate 2 times mom's
delivery before 22 weeks gestation abortion
preg listing order term/prem/abortions/living
EDC estimated date of confinement
16 wk fundal height half way from umbilicus to sup border pubic bone
ectopic % in fallopian tubes 97%
Tx for hyperemesis gravidarum Anterior thoracics
Created by: dc2bx2