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14 points WW!

Treaty of Versailles

Purpose of Wilson's 14 points (1918) provide a peaceful resolution to issues that caused WW1
Most important of the 14 points 1. open diplomacy - no secret alliances 2. freedom of the seas 3. free trade (no tariffs) 4. No arms race 5. self determination 14. League of Nations
Wilson's arrival to Paris 1) Europe greeted him happily 2) Wilson didn't bring a leading Republican (No Lodge)
What countries attended the Peace Conference in 1919? 1) USA 2) France 3) England 4) Italy 5) Japan
What countries were the "Big 4" at the Peace Conference? France, USA, Italy, England
What 2 countries wanted to punish Germany? England & France
Who was not invited to the Peace Conference? 1) Russia bc they're communist now 2) Austria Hungary 3) Germany was there but had no direct negotiations
Treaty of Versailles Effect on Germany? 1) disarmed, take sole blame for war = guilt clause 2) pay reparations 3) stripped of colonies 4) France gets Alsace Lorraine Back 5) Part of eastern Germany goes to Poland
Treaty Effect on German population and territroy 1) loses 1/10 of population 2) loses 1/8 of territory
What did Italy gain from Treaty? gets part of Austria containing 200,000 German speakers
Other effects of treaty 1) G's colonies go to allies in theory they will eventually gain freedom 2) Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania gain freedom 3) Palestine, part of Ottoman Empire, goes to GB & gives Jews "national home" 4) Asian & African colonies dont get freedom
How did Wilson feel leaving Versailles? His big ego is hurt & frustrated bc only LON added to treaty, which the U.S doesn't even end up joining later on
What happened when Wilson brought the treaty back home? 1) republican senators including Henry Cabot Lodge reject it 2) Wilson goes on speaking tour to gain support for LON 3) Wilson suffers a stroke from exhaustion & gets really unwell 4) he refused to resign
Senate Voting on Treaty of Versailles split 1) split into 3 groups 2) Dems 3) Republican Irreconcilables 4) republican Reservationists
What did the dems think of treaty? support treaty w/no changes
what did the repub Irreconcilables think of Treaty? 1) Strongly against it 2) Nationalism + Isolationism 3) Thought it would restrict US freedom & make US deal w corrupt foreign powers 4) One of the leaders is Rob La Follete
what did the repub Reservationist think of Treaty? 1)Wanted amendments 2) Didn’t want US to have to defend other members (Article X) bc it infringes on congress right to declare war 3) Led by Henry Cabot Lodge
did American citizens support the LON? No, bc they still blamed Wilson for taking away freedom of speech during war
Did Wilson compromise with republicans over Treaty? no
First Vote by Senate on Treaty 1) Reservationist add amendments & vote yes 2) Wilson tells Dems to vote against it, he refuses to compromise w reservationists 3) Irreconcilables vote no 4) treaty isn't passed
Second vote by Senate on treaty 1) Dems version of treaty 2) Reservationist and Irreconcilables vote no 3) TREATY OF VERSAILLES IS NOT PASSED BY US, DOESNT JOIN LON
Created by: kayla57575
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