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Reasons US enters


Wilsons Proclaims Neutrality (1914) - US wont get involved in war - urged Americans to remain neutral "in thought as well as in action" - most Americans support
Why did some people not support Wilson's proclaiming neutrality? - some have strong ties to England - German Americans support Germany - some Irish Americans support Germany, want to be free from GB
British Blockade (1914) - GB intercepts US merchant ships heading to Germany bc the cargo might help Germany in war - GB declares North Sea a war zone - plants mines - GB blockades all German ports
How did Wilson react to the British Blockade? angers Wilson
When was Germany's U-boat Blockade February 1915
Germany's U-boat Blockade - Germany has many torpedo submarines - Berlin declares waters around GB a war zone & warns off all ships
How did Wilson react to Germany's U-boat blockade? Wilson says Germany will be responsible for any US vessels/lives lost
When was the sinking of the Lusitania? May 1915
Sinking of the Lusitania - German embassy warns Americans not to travel in GB or French ships - U-boat sinks GB’s Lusitania off Ireland - ship secretly carrying munitions
How many died in sinking of Lusitania? - 1,198 dead - 128 Americans dead
How did Wilson react to the sinking of the Lusitania? 1) Wilson sends 3 notes to Germany 2) He demands end to Berlin’s submarine warfare + pay reparations 3) He wants to stay neutral 4) Germany agrees to terms
How did Americans react to sinking of the Lusitania? 1) creates big division 2) many Americans want war, ex: TR 3) some progressives against war - WJB resigns as secretary of state
When was the sinking of the Arabic? August 1915
Sinking of the Arabic - U-boat violates orders and sinks British passenger ship - 2 Americans die -G promises this wont happen again
When did US give loans to allied powers? August 1915
US loans to Allied powers 1) Wilson lets JP Morgan lend 500M to GB & France 2) Allied purchases of US munitions + farm products good for the economy 3) By 1917, US had lent $2.3 billion to allies & only $27 million to Germany
When did British propaganda intensify? 1916
British Propaganda Intensifies 1) GB propaganda of Germany increases 2) Claimed Germany was impaling babies 3) most claims are false
When was the sinking of the Sussex? March 1916
Sinking of the Sussex 1) G u-boat sinks F passenger ship, injuring some Americans
How did Wilson react to the sinking of the Sussex? 1) Wilson threatens to break diplomatic relations -steps to go to war 2) Berlin promises to not attack merchant ships w/o warning
Election of 1916 1) Wilson vs repub Charles Evan Hughes 2) Hughes weirdly criticizes Wilson’s lack of aggressiveness & policies that risked war 3) close win by Wilson
Reaction to election of 1916? 1) Irish/German Americans support Hughes 2) women voters support Wilson 3) many thankful Wilson kept them out of the war
When did Germany resume unrestricted warfare? January 1917
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Resumes 1) Germany doesn’t care if US declares war, believes u-boats are key to winning war 2) U-boat sink 5 US ships from feb-march
How did Wilson react to Germany resuming unrestricted warfare? he breaks diplomatic relations on Feb 3
When was the Zimmerman Note? February 1917
Zimmerman note 1) German foreign secretary, Arthur Zimmerman, sends coded telegram to Germany's ambassador to Mexico 2) promises if Mex declares war on U.S, Germany will help Mex get lost territories of Tex, Ariz, & New Mexico back 3) GB intercepts
How did the US react to Zimmerman note? 1) increases war spirit 2) Wilson calls it a battle for democracy
When was the US Declaration of war? April 6, 1917
US declaration of war 1) Wilson wants to make world safe for democracy 2) 82 to 6 for war = senate 3) 373 to 50 = house 4) a lot of support
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