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13 Colonies

13 Colonies quiz review

What was the first colonial settlement attempted by the English? Roanoke
What happened to the people of Roanoke when the English returned with supplies? The people all vanished
What was the first permanent and successful English settlement in the New World? Jamestown
What was Jamestown doing that was successful? Growing tobacco
Fill in the blanks: Jamestown begins a tradition of _______________ in the colonies. self-government
What was the House of Burgesses? An early form of representative government
Where did the pilgrims settle? Plymouth
The pilgrims were a religious group. What was another name for them? Separatists
What did the pilgrims come to America for? Religious freedom
What was the form of self-government that the pilgrims made? Mayflower Compact
The pilgrims struggled to survive and adapt in America. How did they succeed? The Native Americans helped them
Fill in the blanks: The Puritans wanted to ______, or reform, the Church of England from within (Hint: think of their name) purify
True or False: The Puritans wanted to get away from the ideas of Catholicism True
Where did town meetings occur? New England and Middle Colonies
True or False: Any white, Christian male has voting rights. False
What did town meetings encourage? The growth of democracy
True or False: New England's soil was very good, especially near the ocean. False
What was the main kind of food that the New England settlers contributed to the economy? Fish
What did the New England settlers make with the wood from the forest? Ships
Fill in the blanks: The New England settlers lived close together in towns and cities. This included ______________ for children and _____________ where there voices could be heard. public schools, town meetings
What did the Middle Colonies grow? Wheat, barley, oats, rye, corn
Why were the Middle Colonies called the "breadbasket"? Because they grew so much food
True or False: The Middle Colonies were a diverse region. True
The Middle Colonies believed in toleration. What is toleration? The acceptance of people from different places with different religious beliefs
What are indentured servants? Agreements between two parties about long-term work
True or False: The Southern Colonies had the worst soil in the colonies. False
The soil and good climate allowed southerners to grow cash crops. What are cash crops? Crops that are grown to be sold
The Southern Colonies had huge farms that had slaves work for the owners. The owners of these farms were some of the wealthiest people in the world. What were these huge farms called? Plantations
True or False: In the Southern Colonies, they lived too far apart, so children were tutored at home or sent to school in England. True
What were the most valuable things traded in the Triangular Trade? Rum, sugar, and slaves
What was the name of the horrific journey that slaves were forced onto in unsanitary and unsafe conditions? The Middle Passage
What is Mercantilism? The belief that colonies exist only to benefit the mother country
What is the mother country of the American colonies? England
Created by: B Chiu
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